Photographs of Deep Fried Gadgets

Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves teamed up with food stylist Caitlin Levin on his project “Deep Fried Gadgets”, which — as its name indicates — shows various electronics deep fried. The purpose of the project is to highlight the wastefulness of consumer culture and its rapid consumption of the latest gadgets.

(via PSFK)

Image credits: Photographs by Henry Hargreaves and used with permission

  • Spider- Man

    is an original Game Boy that high end anymore LOL

  • Coltography

    Have to admit, that is one of the dumbest expressions of “art” I’ve seen….and there’s a lot of dumb shit out there.

  • Zak Henry

    What I really want to know is if robots really can debone a chicken?

  • Michael Zhang

    Good point :) Removed “high end”

  • Joey Duncan

     to highlight the wastefulness of consumer culture and its rapid consumption of the latest gadgets.” – To me, these people are a double negative, I’m fine with pointing out societies issues, but efforts like these are all but wasted on only a few who are told what it’s for in the small circle who see it. They’re “wasting” electronics that appear to function well in order to show how out of hand it is. 

    It is good for a giggle though.

  • Jackson Cheese

    They’re all Apple products, so nothing of value was lost.

  • Womenihaveloved



  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    The purpose of the project is to highlight the wastefulness of consumer culture and its rapid consumption of the latest gadgets.” … no. you just wanted to deep fry some stuff didn’t you, Henry? – I want to slap Henry in the face.

  • tttulio

    Do you wanna chips with that?

  • Spider- Man

    ummmm re look over the pics

  • Bobjenn4598

     I don’t get it. I hope they changed the oil before they cooked any food

  • Jerry

    How awesomely STUPID can a “self proclaimed artist” be? That’s art? What a MORON!

  • Zak Henry

    Today I learned Apple owns Nintendo

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    it’s cardboard…

  • 3Horn

    Yup, the corrugation is splitting on the MacBook.

    Not to mention that LCDs (and electronics in general) don’t function very well after being subjected to 400ºF+ oil baths.

  • Dave Reynolds

    Stupid concept and unappealing images. PetaPixel’s standards for art drop another notch. First, it’s stop-motion fetishism and promotion of ridiculously expensive unremarkable “art photos.” Now, it’s pointless and obvious social commentary.

  • Matthew Wagg

    I get really agitated when I see stuff like this. Any smashing or breaking of tech stuff isn’t art, it isn’t clever its wasteful and degenerate. Why do they feel the need to waste money and resources on a stupid stunt. Why don’t they make a big deal about donating stuff to people that can’t afford to buy them?

    Lets not even consider the people that made them, underpaid, overworked and very much undervalued. The morons that think this is art are spitting on their hard work. Not mentioning the drain of resources on our planet.

  • Az Photo Mac

    The mentality level of the artist is akin to those that produce computer viruses… just looking for attention for doing something completely stupid.

  • Gunmanxxx

    Those are cardboard replicas that come with cases when you buy them. I have ipad2 and ipod touch cardboards. :)

  • Delores R. Batz

    there’s a lot of dumb shit out there...CNNMoney7.notlong.Com

  • Raphael Puttini

    I completely agree. I don’t see the point to waste money just to show after “hey, let’s see if my device can work after getting shot/fried/burned”. Sometimes they should just take the money wasted and donate to some charity.


    and why is this “dumb”?  you gonna use a broad statement like that, you should back it up with at least one poignant insight.  otherwise you look kinda like a dumb shit.  just sayin…

  • Angus44

    I think so too….otherwise how would the screens still function?

  • rtfe

    nope, it’s agreed. just dumb!

  • rtfe

    sooo, your’e the photographer’s mom???!!

  • Jake

    I don’t see the point of a perfectly good role of film when all you’re going to do with it is ruin it by putting pictures on it!  
    And don’t get me started on all those painters who waste paint that people put hard work into making just so that they could make “art!”

    These guys bought the products, which are mass-produced, so it’s not like they’re wasting valuable resources.  They’re making an artistic statement, and just cause you folks don’t get it or like it, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.  It’s at least more interesting than Duchamp’s urinal.

  • Jake

    Disagree.  If you look at the bigger pics on his website, there are even more examples and some of them definitely look more 3D, like the real thing.

  • Zak Henry

    Don’t forget the top tips on how to hang a picture frame

  • Tianlechen

    its dumb because the artist is obviously being the wasteful one here. i’d sell off old gadgets, not fry them up

  • The Judge

    Don’t even get me started on the waste of perfectly good frying oil…
    Relax Jake. 2/10

  • Cynthia

    Dumb and dumber.

  • Blender

    Yes but… Does it blend?

  • John Stock

    I agree, it’s not art, it’s stupidity.

  • Lsdesign

    Lighten up folks, it’s a folly. Let’s not get all deep and philosophical. 

  • ZamoraBeverly26

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  • guest ml

    so what is the poignant insight for not being so dumb here? what’s the creative process and what’s the idea behind this other than hey i am gonna fry some gadgets cause it’s cool no one has done it before..

  • Cochese

    I don’t really care what an “artist” does. However, this concept is interesting, but the photos are boring. To me, they don’t say anything other than “look, I coated some electronics in batter and fried them.” The pictures themselves look uninspired. Hack. I wonder if he took them with an iPhone.

  • Nigelash

    I was just about to all critical of this, then I noticed that the ‘gadgets’ are actually cardboard. Look at pic one. It purports to show an iPod, but the headphones are plugged in the wrong place.
    Plus, whoever thinks electronics can withstand being deep fried also probably thinks this is ‘art’.
    They can’t and this isn’t.

  • Nick Jones

    The artist is comparing our consumption of the latest electronics to unhealthy deep fried foods. This symbolism compares the wasteful nature of our society poisoning itself with wasteful consumerism that is as useless as the calories found in fast food. The disposable nature of iPad’s and iPhone’s with new models each year could threaten our environment with waste that could take centuries to biodegrade polluting our world with toxic batteries and waste.

    Being an IT tech and gamer myself, I find his argument compelling yet a little cynical of most of society where devices are resold, reused, and or recycled. While we should avoid excess and being wasteful, his idea is a little extremist and not indicative of most Americans.


    I don’t believe those valuable electronics actually got fried, so I think its either photoshoped or the fried residue is laying on a thin layer of plastic similar to a screen protector.