A Look at the Beauty Inside of a Classic Rangefinder

Beauty may be only skin deep for us humans, but crack open a classic rangefinder and there something both nostalgic and beautiful about the components therein. The people behind Ilott Vintage — a Miami-based camera restoration project — know this, and so when they’re restoring an old Minolta Hi-Matic 7 or Olympus 35RD, they sometimes take the time to make a little video showing off the craftsmanship and components we don’t always get to see.

Getting your hands on one of these restored masterpieces will cost you a pretty penny (think a couple thousand), but the classic camera you get will be more than just a collectors item, it’ll actually work. Head over to their website for more info on the company and a look at their selection, or check out their Vimeo page for more classic camera eye candy.

(via Gizmodo)

  • GG

    Why restore a cheap old camera that people give to thrift stores?

  • guest

     Why restore a classic car?

  • GG

    A Leica is a “classic car”, these cameras are door stops.

  • Joyce

    It maybe a door stop to you but just because you don’t see the beauty and value does not mean others do.

  • Ian Docherty

    So that would mean that others don’t too!!!! (double negative).

  • heggmona

    Who give a shit if it is a Leica. Not everybody is a fanboy of Leica.

  • GG

    Leica, was just an example. Rolleiflex, Zeiss Ikon, Linhof and Hasselblad especially from the 50’s and the 60’s can be considered classics and don’t need to be covered in veneer to make them appealing.

  • GG

    Heggmona & Joyce, have you ever used a Leica or a film camera for that matter?

  • ClarkTommy63

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  • Knur

     Leica is an brutally overpriced camera for snobs.

  • Giles Penfound

    Its not the camera that important its the image, I like so many others became obsessed with the label of my camera and forgot the reason why I make images in the first place. The image is the visual representation of the minds eye, the camera is the mechanical tool which facilitates it. Image is everything and yes I believe Leica have become grotesque parodies of themselves. Love to all

  • ▼inni

    I use a full working 35RD. I’d sell it for 1000$ if anybody wants it :)