Art Students Become Human Cameras by Eating 35mm Film

Kingston University photography students Luke Evans and Josh Lake wanted to do something unusual for their final major project, so they decided to turn themselves into human cameras by eating 35mm film squares and letting their bodies do the rest. After eating and pooping out the film in the dark, they used fixer on the film and then scanned the film using an electron microscope. They are currently exhibiting massive prints of the images that show every detail of what their bodies did.

(via Creative Review via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Photographs by Luke Evans and Josh Lake

  • junyo


    “What were you thinking of when you composed this shot?”
    “How much I like corn.”

    At the end of the day, they could have swallowed anything, and then scanned the resultant crap (literally and figuratively) the item held.


    thats gotta be really bad for you..

  • tttulio

    ha. they are displaying it upside down.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    great idea – not something I would try though… not a fan of searching through my own faeces in the dark! haha

  • bob cooley

    I call shenanigans.   They didn’t turn themselves into cameras (the film itself was never exposed).  They effectively took micro-photos of fixer and fecal residue.

    Eating 35mm film squares could not have been too good for their system – passing plastic cannot be fun, or good for your digestive tract.

  • branden rio

    This is gross, what the hell

  • Spider- Man

    that had to hurt coming out, and who was fishing it out?!?!

  • Tam Nguyen Photography

    Wait, there’s no light inside your body. How were the films exposed?

  • José Dias


  • Graysmith

    Agreed. Unless they’ve got sunshine coming out of their ass, how exactly is this film supposed to be exposed? They could’ve just as well eaten a piece of something else that won’t digest, and taken photos of that under a microscope.

  • cerevis

    Michael, please change “electronic microscope” to “electron microscope”, huge difference between the two!!!

    I don’t see how this can be considered “turning yourself into a camera” when the “camera” is actually an electron microscope. The 35mm wasn’t exposed and wasn’t use to produce a photo print. They could’ve taken a micrograph of a piece of film and it would most likely look the same.

    Symantics aside, electron-micrographs will always look awesome :D

  • Mike Distras

    i dont get it… how did they expose? Surely it would all be just some mass blur of our guts (thats even if you could get any light in there to expose anyway?)

    as @bobcooley:disqus said – just photos of micro-poop…?

  • Osmosisstudios

    Congratulations: you made me laugh out loud.

  • Hmwd

    Good Job !!



    8×10?? Come on…

  • Suman0102

     +1 for this.

    electron micrographs of just about ANYTHING will look awesome.

    and yea, if the electron microscope was used (and the film was never really exposed to “light”), this doesn’t count as anything near the “human camera” as is being claimed. the EM simply took a picture of the surface of the film. nbd.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for catching that typo :)

  • Ouch!

    2 portraits of lazy students with a frat brother’s hook-up to cool gear!  So they came up with this lame, untruthful story. I wonder what their grade was…  How about an “F” for Feces?

  • Abhyaaskara

    Didnt the strong acids in their stomah ruin the film?

  • velo


  • Shannon Brooks

    Is that the fstop they used?

  • Dan Howard

    …. me wonders if they dare to try it with a digital sensor….

  • jhfjhg

    I wanna see ‘em do it with a Polaroid…

  • Pittyrose

    i wonder if stomach acid could develop film? if they ate already exposed film, maybe the gastric acid would’ve done some interesting things to the pictures. but yeah, no exposure in the dark depths of the human body, these are micrographs of poo. they could’ve simply dipped the film in the toilet and skipped the whole ingesting part.

  • Bob

    this is lame, 

  • Thorpeland

    By looking at the EXIF, I can see his anus-aperture was set to f/1.2.  impressive.   Sorry… couldn’t resist.  lol

  • Ralph

    any micrograph of nothing would look like that….dumb

  • Cork

    It doesn’t appear that everything is on the same fecal plane in those shots…

  • Sirpoopsalot

    dude, this is a shitty idea

  • David Noceti

    Experiment, yes. Art project, no. This reminds me of the time in the sixth grade when a student decided his science project would be to cut blocks of ice with a saw? Thesis? Hypothesis? No and no. Basically he just wanted to cut ice with a saw. In that case the teacher went out and got the first ever fourth place ribbon to be given out to him while all the rest of us in the school got first through thirds. Unfortunately, in this case, I’m willing to bet that these two got A’s and sadly and “art” exhibit. 

  • Jennifer

    Welcome to Conceptual Photography people. Photography is no longer solely image based or what image can be exposed on film or a digital sensor. In fact, conceptual/fine art gallery can be about working with the materials themselves and never exposing an image. Brittany Nelson’s work concentrates on chemical reactions with the silver in negatives, she then scans the materials disintegrating and changing color – excellent work! My work with burnt 4×5 sheets made contact print; some sheets were exposed while others were developed without ever seeing light then fire was applied to see how the material would burn. These guys thought of something no one else considered doing and utilized the materials at hand – not to mention they displayed it as a photograph in a fine art gallery. Process be speculated, ingenuity applauded.

  • turds…

    Seriously? sifting through turds in the dark to then get a shot with an elctron microscope that could be anything? Please. Hopefully they got an F, and a torn colon for their stupidity. If these are the retards that American universities are graduating then we’re all screwed…

  • Thunderin5

    Some people are just stupid.  Luke and Josh in their 60’s…  Hey, Luke, I was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  Gee, Josh, I was too.  Hmm.  You don’t suppose it had anything to do with those pieces of film….  

  • Israel G. Vazquez

    This is very funny and it also looks great! But there was definitively no need to eat the film in order to get the desired result. Don’t you think?

  • Ouch!

     You must be their mother.  Hi mom.

  • Mike Distras

    Lots of “Art” here then…:…0.0.UqdJrSEfUUE 

  • Shiftyg2

    Good for them. Taking a negative and turning it into a poositive!

  • Ginger

    This is adorable.

  • Ginger

    If I were their teacher, I’d fail them for clearly not understanding how 35mm film even works.  NEED LIGHT.

  • Photographer in Calgary


  • Nooneyouknow

    So many comments of people searching for light in the bowels, but noone figured that the process that changed the emulsion on that piece of celuloid could be chemical?

  • Guest

    I think some one has “human camera” envy

  • Graceforyou2

    bwaaaahaaahaaa!  Mike.. your link was too funny!  Made me literally laugh out loud… Thanks!

  • Michael Godek

    ….you could have capture the exact same electron microscope pictures without sifting through your own poop in the dark

  • Danny Bertner

    its funny all the negativity here. i guess thats the reaction to things that are foreign to people.

  • Luke


  • Kathleen Grace

    Helluv an interesting idea.  And these days, anything can and is art, so kudos, they got pretty great images.  This is probably more art than photography too, seems more like a process for printmaking.  And who is to say experimental works aren’t art.  Leonardo da Vinci experimented all the time, particularly with frescoes that wouldn’t stay on the wall.  

  • Ajp

    You are all missing the trick here. Faeces contains a proteolytic enzyme called Trypsin this digests the gelatin (protein) in the photographic emulsion. Nothing to do with developing!!!!!

  • Da

    Not cool. Kinda gross.

  • Julia Dionne

    You all say this is lame and unoriginal, but really…could you have even thought of such an interesting experiment? It’s weird, but kind of cool.

  • Pam M.

    i think its ART… but really the title should not be human camera, because cameras use light to expose film…Developing with Feces would be more like it.