PhotoBeamer Makes Sharing Photos With Any Web Connected Display a Breeze

Last weekend we mentioned that the Bump app had just added browser integration, allowing you to transfer photos from your mobile device to your computer by simply “bumping” the space bar. And now another sharing app called PhotoBeamer has crossed our virtual desk that does something a little bit different, but does it just as well.

Unlike the Bump app it won’t let you transfer photos; instead, for 99 cents, PhotoBeamer allows you to broadcast the Camera Roll on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to any web connected display in sight. Just open the app, log onto the photobeamer website using the browser on your web connected device, click on the first photo you’d like to broadcast, and point your iOS device at the QR code on the screen. After that the app does all of the heavy technical lifting, all you have to do is scroll along.

For more information watch the video below, head over to Scalado’s website or check out the app in the iTunes store.

(via Engadget)

  • John Stock

    Do the images pass though the internet (as opposed to direct Wi-Fi connection) and therefore how does this alter the copyright if your images?

  • 9inchnail

    Reminds me of Big Bang Theory where they can switch off the light via the internet. Sure, it’s easier to send a command two times around the globe instead of just getting your ass off the couch. Bandwidth is unlimited as we all know so why not pollute the internet with traffic like this?

  • Steffen Graumann

    Totally cool! But it only shows images from the camera roll, not albums. Big fail to me. Of course I want to show my ‘pro’ images to people, not the crap I have on my camera roll.
    Maybe the next version will allow me to do that …

  • catman

    As photoBeamer is not available on iOS any more, is an iOS alternative out now: BeamAir – can also stream pdf presentations