Super High Definition 33MP Video Camera Captures 4 Billion Pixels Each Second

Some of the biggest recent advancements in imaging technology have come in the form of video. Case in point, the new Ultra-High-Definition video camera made by NHK in Japan. This baby takes in 33-megapixel video at a mind numbing 120fps — that translates into an input of 4 billion pixels per second (count ‘em… it’ll take a while).

The cool thing is that unlike most crazy cameras, this one will actually be put to use; more specifically, it will be used to shoot footage for Japan’s 7580×4320 Super Hi-Vision format they’ve been developing for some time. Because the video is meant to be shown on wall sized screens, 60fps just wasn’t quick enough. So, in order to handle that 4 billion pixel per second output, NHK developed an entirely new analog to digital converter and put it to use here.

Sure, no applications to photography have yet been posited by the new technology, but we’ll soon be shooting stills using video cameras, remember?

(via Gizmodo)

  • 9inchnail

    Do you really need that much resolution? Movies in cinemas have a width of 4000px and the screen is much larger than a wall. Usually you’re not sitting 3 feet in front of such a huge screen so I’m wandering if these extra details are visible for anyone except maybe hawks.

  • Osmosisstudios

    but but but…


  • Knur

    Camera porn 

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