Google Shows Off Camera Glasses and More Sample Photos at Conference

Google Glass team member Max Braun took to the stage at the Google+ Photography Conference yesterday to show off a prototype device, talk about the project’s potential impact in photography, and show off some new sample photographs. He states,

We see glass as an evolution of cell phone photography. It’s the next step of the camera that’s always with you. It’s not meant to replace your professional camera anytime soon […] We think that photography in Glass is going to open up a whole range of pictures that would not have been possible otherwise.

The Google Glass portion of the talk begins at the 47 minute mark in the video above.

Here are some of the sample photographs showing what he means. They were taken hands-free using voice controls, allowing the photographer to capture candid moments in life that would otherwise be very difficult (or impossible) to capture using a standard camera:

Higher resolution versions of these images and additional sample photos have been posted to the Project Glass G+ page.

Google co-founder — and avid photographer — Sergey Brin also took to the stage, and remarked,

I think that this can bring about a really new style of photography that allows you become much more intimate with the world that you’re capturing, and doesn’t take away from it.

It will be interesting to see whether Google can turn this into a widely used product in the next few years. If the team’s view of photography’s future is correct, we’ll soon be seeing both an endless stream of point-of-view shots and people walking around with a weird device strapped to their face.

Project Glass (via SlashGear)

  • Kjswoob

    I want a pair! What a great device to have for family portraits. Can you imagine telling your clients, “put these on and play with your kid”. Would bring a great perspective to portraits!

  • Guest

    I want one, but I wouldn’t want any  wireless signals passing through my head like that, cellphones give me headaches as it is….  It would be a lot of fun to record asshole drivers and such with one and not have them know it, so I definitely want one for that.

    Side note, asian girl on the bottom right was pretty cute too. ^_^;

  • 9inchnail

    Why would you have any clients then? Wouldn’t people just buy these glasses and shoot their own photos? Why hire you?

  • 9inchnail

    Never seen an asian dude rockin’ such a marvelous mustache before. Respect.
    So I guess, in the near future people wearing glasses will be massively harassed when they go watch a movie. They might be making cam rips. 

  •ëtus-Sousa/100001826701266 Francisco ‘Kaëtus’ Sousa

    This brings a all new meaning to POV porn. 

  • NWS

    Great product, like someone read my mind :) But.. I have to put this up there: the guy who presents the product has the most monotone voice and boring presentation ever. Such a wicked subject to talk about and I almost fell asleep!

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Cellphone gives you a headache? Placebo gives you a headache.

  • 9inchnail

    What if I actually need glasses? I mean, can I take those to a regular optician and have the glasses adapted to my eyesight or will that void my guarantee?

  • Ghost

    Interesting… I wonder how movie theaters and other places that don’t allow cameras will react…

  • 9inchnail

    They just won’t let you in. You can clearly recognize that they’re not ordinary glasses. By the way, who would want to film a movie with these? You’d have to stay perfectly still and stare at the screen. No one would buy/download a movie that’s been filmed with these when the guy filming is looking around all the time. Would make viewers sick.

  • Knur

     Bobby Lee :)

  • Knur

     The most retarded idea ever. Sorry, you fail !

  • Renato Murakami

    You know, I’ve seen a lot of stuff about Google Glasses, but I’m still wondering what the trigger is. Is it voice command?

    I guess it really is what I’ve seen on presentations… a next step to cellphone photography. An interesting way of documenting everyday life.
    But we’ll have to wait and see how popular it’ll really be… because that depends of several factors.
    Still a long way to go though… can’t really judge it on this stage of development, but it is looking good.

  • PC Extra

    Turkish President Abdullah Gul tried Google Glass with Sergey Brin. Here’s a photo and news (sorry language is in Turkish) :

  • Adam Pierce

    I think it’s difficult to wear contact lenses  with pixels in them?