Fujifilm M-Mount Adapter Gives Leica Shooters a Cheaper Option for Digital

There are already options available for those people who want to use Leica lenses with their Fujifilm X-Pro1, but for those of you who prefer to use only equipment from your camera manufacturer themselves, you now have that option as well. The new M-Mount adapter from Fujifilm, priced at $199, will be available sometime in June and brings with it compatibility with Leica’s wide range of high-end M Lenses. Fuji will also be releasing a firmware update alongside the M-Mount adapter in order to maximize compatibility with Leica lenses. The adapter and the lenses it “adapts” for don’t come cheap (then again neither does the X-Pro1), but if you’ve been wanting to shoot digital images with Leica lenses without a pricey Leica digital rangefinder, this option is certainly attractive.

(via Fujifilm)

  • Guest

    Considering what the x-pro1 costs you’re much better off getting a secondhand m8/8.2.. a camera that actually works with manual focus lenses and has a 1.3 crop factor.

    If you can afford the lenses don’t waste them thinking you can enjoy them on a camera body optimised for auto focus.

  • Vladimir Byazrov

    Not only cheaper, but very possibly also a superior and that’s most important. 

  • TSY87

     “optimized for auto focus” and “Fuji X-Pro 1″ should not really be in the same sentence…  the AF was pretty terrible considering all the time and feedback they got from the x100.  At any rate, I understand your point… the EVF, although nice, is not particularly good for MF… the Sony EVF’s completely blow fujis out of the water. 

  • Guest

    Fair point, the x-pro 1’s AF hasn’t exactly received praise, but although Sony’s EVF is much better and has peaking mode (auto zooming in for manual focus wont work with Leica lenses) it is still a pain in the a.. with ‘legacy’ lenses. You need a camera made for MF to use MF-only lenses.

  • Guest

    Interesting, post a few times here as ‘Guest’ and Discus starts hooking up your ‘profile’ with stuff others have posted as ‘Guest’.. kinda pointless if the point is give people a chance to get an idea about who the poster is even when anonymous :/

  • Ken Akiva Shapero

    Well haven’t we already had this function with Sony NEX and M4/3 bodies?

  • Ken Akiva Shapero

    Also there are quite of few adapters on Ebay for pennies from reliable companies.

  • junyo

    Using it with a Kipon adapter and manual lenses works very well actually. The EVF is sharp enough that one rarely needs to use the magnify function in most situations. 

    But since everyone’s an Internet expert, maybe mine’s defective.

  • TSY87

     agreed… I guess we’re all doomed to end up with leicas! :P


    They are rubbish. None of the functions work properly such as guide frame brightness and image quality is hopeless especially at the edges