Pulp Fiction Photos Using Book Covers

Artist Thomas Allen creates vintage scenes by cutting up pulp fiction book covers and turning them into dioramas. He also uses depth of field and lighting to add an extra dimension to the scenes.

You can see more of his work over at Foley Gallery.

(via Beautiful/Decay)

Image credits: Photographs by Thomas Allen and used with permission

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    The first picture is awful, but I’m glad I clicked to read more because the rest are pretty interesting.

  • 9inchnail

    Love the one with the sailors, the rest… meh. The DOF looks weird in some of them. Too obviously added in Photoshop. Good idea though.

  • rtfe

    this is years old, but neat concept, but years, whoa

  • Keith Devereux

    I like it but there seems something sacreligious in cutting up books, even ratty old pulp fiction novels…

  • Tzctplus -

     Books that otherwise would be dumped? I say it is upscaling to do anything creative with them.