Man Chucking a $10,000 Canon Projectile

Reuters photographer Murad Sezer was shooting at an uber-important soccer final in Turkey last Saturday when he found himself in the midst of a massive clash between frenzied fans and police officers. In the chaos, fans started picking up everything they could get their hands on to use as projectiles, including camera lenses. Sezer writes,

While waiting for the trophy ceremony, the work room was packed with photographers – with evidence they had covered a riot. Broken cameras, lenses and laptops were scattered around as photographers tried to assess the damage while others tried to figure out if they were missing equipment. […] While we were editing and sending our pictures to the Singapore desk my colleague Umit Bektas showed me a picture he took during the clashes. It was hard to believe but a fan was throwing a Canon 400mm 2.8 telephoto lens with monopod, (worth some $10,000 USD) onto the field. In that moment of truth, I knew it was a good idea to lock my 400mm in a hardcase.

Results of the Saturday night soccer violence: 3 cameras broken, 10 lenses (including a 400mm tele) damaged or missing, a laptop broken, 10 photographers directly exposed to violence.

Lesson learned: shooting a soccer match in some places can be the same thing as shooting in a war zone.

Saving the Canon 400mm f2.8 [Reuters]

Image credit: Photograph by Murad Sezer/Reuters and used with permission

  • NWS

    Trace that idiot in the photograph and make him pay up!

  • Raul E Fernandez S

    Comment on the last sentence: “Duh”

  • rye j

    the legend of the flying canon 400mm f2.8

  • Wallerus

    Would love to see that insurance claim.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

     Most insurance companies won’t pay for ‘riot’ damage.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat


  • Kozmo Nauta

    Those agencies have LOTS OF 400mm lens and have insurance for such things.So the is not a news for me.Nothing happend.

  • Garry Dow

    In other news, the man in the picture has just made the Turkish Olympic Javelin Team…

  • wickerprints

    It never ceases to amaze me how people can get so agitated by what amounts to a game.  The only reason why hooliganism is allowed to exist is because the entities who put on these matches feed off of the money machine that is professional sports.  As long as they’re making profit, a few broken noses, lenses, or trampled spectators is just collateral damage.

  • Carlosd

    thats punk rock!!!… destroy all this crap that people use for the wrong reasons.  these tools are being mainly used to bamboozle the masses and make them stupid instead of making art and enlightenment.

  • John Milleker

    Everyone should refuse to cover soccer until this moron fesses up and pays for repair. The fans will turn this guy in quick if they can’t watch it because nobody is covering it.

  • serious


  • Niall

    They look like Fenerbahce fans…and the opposition were probably Galatasaray…anyone who knows anything about football (sports photographers?!) is aware the sh1t inevitably hits the fan when these teams play,and has done for decades …then the fan throws the Canon lens  :S     Just got to be prepared..

  • Al

    “shooting a soccer match in some places can be the same thing as shooting in a war zone.”
    Seriously??  You can’t possibly be serious.  How is it no one else is insulted by this ludicrous comment. Oh, yeah, none of you pansy asses have been to a war zone. 

  • Casey

    can’t believe people get this upset over soccer. what a boring shit show, those babies sell it so hard when they fall and act like they cured cancer when they score a goal. wow you scored a goal congrats on doing your f#cking job

  • Matt

    Got to agree.  While I know that it was a joke, still it rubs the wrong way.

  • Darren Ward79

    broke my hart seeing that picture, i could only wish to have a lens of that quality
    i say stick him on a mono pod and through him to a group of frenzied photographer:)

  • Grammar Nazi

    Seeing this picture broke my heart; I can only wish to have a lens of that quality. I say, insert a monopod into his rectum and throw him to a group of frenzied photographers.


  • Pryere

    Pesky twats.

  • Raphael Puttini

    The guy was wearing black and yellow, the Nikon colours; so that’s a Nikon über fanboy trashing a Canon lens, nothing else. Duh. =P

  • Knur

    Typical american opinion about football (soccer ;) )

  • TonyMac

    There are also a lot of freelancers who have to pay for their own lenses and gear.

  • Oliver

    How can people be so barbaric?!?!

    Does anyone know the story what started the riot here?

  • 9inchnail

     It’s soccer, there’s always a reason for fans to f*** things up. The enemy team scored a goal? Go berserk. Your team scored a goal? Go apeshit. It’s a tie? Boring. Rip your seat out and beat the next guy with it. That’s soccer.

  • Eziztm

     As a Galatasaray fan, I can tell you it was sweet getting the championship in their home turf. Plus as they say in Turkey, “A donkey will be human but a Fener fan never will”

  • Eziztm

     Yes, it was the last game of the season and Fener needed a win, while GS needed a draw. So Fener basically lost the championship at home.

  • Eziztm

     in contrast to other sports where you have to watch commercials every 10 mins.

  • Richard Ford

    My donkey is no pansy.

  • Almond

    What? No Anti-Canon caption comments?

  • zivojin kuzmanovic

    They don’t care about the game, they don’t even watch it, they just come to fight someone and trash things… And they are officialy allowed to do that without any concequences.

  • Voodoo

    Ironically, the jerseys the fans were wearing was in CANON tones as well. Why didn’t they think Canon was on their side too? :)

  • Wallerus

    Wait, I thought I was in “good hands!” Somebody is getting a phone call!!!