From Napkin Sketch to 41MP Phone: How the Nokia PureView 808 Came to Be

Nokia made quite a splash earlier this year by unveiling the PureView 808 — a smartphone with a large 41-megapixel sensor and a high quality Carl Zeiss lens. The 8-minute behind-the-scenes video above — filmed entirely with the phone, by the way — is the story of how this device was born, starting from a napkin sketch in a Tokyo bar. Nokia is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of cameras, and devoted 400 employees toward the creation of the PureView 808.

(via Nokia via Engadget)

  • russianbox

    No matter how good of a phone people make. they (nokia, sony etc) keep giving them bad names,

    Hello nokia 808 I can’t wait for that 809 ¬_¬

    does anyone remember the sony NW-hd3? oooooh now that was a great ATRAC3Plus player!

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  • Weston Powers

    Second largest manufacturer*

  • phreaknes

    No they’re still the world’s largest manufacturer of cameras, they are the second largest shipper of cell phones.