Rumored Specs for Canon’s Upcoming Rebel T4i/650D

Thus-far rumors about the Canon Rebel T4i/650D have been relegated to the “it’s definitely coming” category, but yesterday Canon Rumors posted a short spec list that they believe to be fairly accurate. The rumored specs as they now stand would have the new Rebel sporting an 18MP sensor, 9 cross-type AF points, a touchscreen LCD and, most impressively, continuous AF during video recording and in live view.

For the most part the specs fall somewhere between expected and interesting (9 cross-type AF points sound great but it seems strange that the Rebel line has been stuck with an 18-megapixel sensor for three generations now). The spec that has people really excited, however, is the possibility of a good continuous AF system for live view/video recording. Fortunately we won’t have to wait long to find out, since the T4i along with Canon’s first mirroless camera are both expected to be unveiled sometime next month.

(via Photography Bay via Canon Rumors)

  • Escandalo

    Canon is stuck with the specs, where is the innovation? or improvement of a model? touch-screen? that’s for smartphones! only 9 cross type AF points? we are at 2012!

  • Felipe Manga

    The 18MP sensor makes sense, I see it as the “standard” for Canon APS-C. I’d be surprised if they changed it.
    What I do find surprising is the AF system: the same as the 60D? So the only reason to buy a 60D is the knob on the left now? o_O

  • DelacruzMay49

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  • haohe382
  • Alan Dove

    It’s been “expected to be unveiled sometime next month” for half a year now.

  • Freelock7

    If 650D gets 9 cross type, the new 70D will receive 19 cross type from the 7D. Logic!

  • Scarekrow

    Do people get paid to write information-less blogs?

  • James

    Interesting to read this in 2014, with my t4i sitting next to my EOS m