Apple Patents Multi-Point Exposure/Focus Selection for the iPhone

A new patent application by Apple is showing off some of the technology we may be finding in the next generation camera. The application, which you can read in its entirety here, mentions a few new features, among them the ability to select multiple focus points, allowing the the phone to take over and adjust the aperture, exposure and even post-process to get the best possible picture for those points.

A few other notable features mentioned in the patent include motion tracking for focus, automatic sharpening of key areas, and the possibility of a dedicated image processor (instead of the image processing hardware built into the A5 chip?). Of course we can’t be sure that these advances will make their way into the next iPhone or that they’ll see the light of day at all, but just the fact that Apple is taking this much of an interest in improving an already good smartphone camera seems to bode well for the phoneotographers among us.

(via Photography Bay)

  • Manu Suhr

    why is Apple soooooooooo behind….. seriously!…. There are already at least 10 apps that can do that… 

  • Guest

    From the picture, my first thought was that Apple had patented slugging someone in the nuts…

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    “improving an already good smartphone camera”

    Trollololol. Right.

  • 9inchnail

    So? There was an app for Siri before the iPhone 4S came out. They just took it off the market. Same’s gonna happen here. Ban all the apps and sell their own crap as the biggest innovation in the history of photography which is EXCLUSIVE to the iPhone 5. So shut up and give us your money. It’s Apple, what do you expect?

  • DelacruzMay49

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  • gautch
  • Jostein Roalkvam

     Oh yeah? I’m totally going to click that link.

    Obvious scam is obvious

  • haohe382
  • Alan Dove

     My first thought was that they were being realistic: videos of someone getting racked are, after all, the killer app for YouTube.