How to Confront a Newspaper Editor Over Copyright Infringement (and Get Paid)

How do you go about demanding payment from a local newspaper if you discover that they’ve infringed upon your copyright? Blogger Duane Lester of All American Blogger recently found an article of his reprinted nearly verbatim, typos and all, by the Oregon Times Observer in Oregon, Missouri. He then decided to pay a visit to the newspapers offices with a letter in hand to demand payment from the editor face to face. The video above shows how the confrontation unfolded.

How to Assert Copyright Over Your Work When It’s Been Plagiarized [All American Blogger]

  • Vitaliy Piltser

    that was a joy to watch :)
    Especially listening to all the reasons (read: excuses) he tried using for clearly and knowingly stealing the guy’s work.

  • Jeff

    Wow.  Way to go Duane.  Good job for not letting them get away with theft.

    I wonder how it would have unfolded if the camera had not been there.  It looked like “self-righteous newspaper guy” was about to hit Duane at one point, but he stopped because he noticed the camera.

  • Jennifer

    “back in my day…”  what?  They taught you it was OK to steal other people’s work and claim it as your own?  Way to go blogger

  • ckalback

    Ha, what a pleasure to watch. I especially love the part where he pulls the age card for no apparent reason. Way to go to the writer who got what he was owed!

  • BK

    ‘back in my day…’

    whatever.  back in his day they were still building the pyramids and news items about moses were being carved into stone.

  • BK

    plus he looks like an ugly version of wilford brimley and that’s not an easy thing to do.

  • Paul

    Am I the only one worried that the editor left in all the typos? 

  • Jon Diener

    Did they shoot that video with a Fisher-Price camera? Just about got seasick with things bending and bulging around. 

    Glad to see Duane keep his cool and stick to the facts in this confrontation.

    In other news: Duane wakes up to 4 flat tires on his car. ;-)

  • Guest

    Jon, those effects you are witnessing in the video is part of Youtube’s new ‘Image Stabilization’ feature.  It attempts to stop shaky videos, but as you can see, has a lot of room for improvement.  

  • Dave


  • preston

    Bravo Bravo Bravo way to stand your ground and keep your cool. Very profesional and that guy did not handle it very well.

  • Matt E.

    The way they talk it sounds like that is SOP around there. Now, I’m wondering who “the guy out of Maryville” is and how many other writers they’ve ripped off.

  • EnVassago

    In the end they understood the errors of their way and paid him.
    The honest kind of “bad guys”.

  • bob cooley

    Perhaps, but I think it would have unfolded differently if the camera weren’t present.  

    Good on you, Duane. 

  • Asdf

    It’s the new Instagram Video.

  • PeckJuliette6

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  • Bobby

    So very disappointing for people that claim to be ‘professionals’ to be so snide and bitter in the face of simply being wrong. The rudeness and self-righteousness really got me worked up. Why can’t people accept that what we do as creatives is worth something — anything, for that matter?

  • Benicio Murray

     Anyone else felt like slapping that old woman after seeing this?

  • SargentManuela

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  • laur

    “a fast $500″…he worked for that money. I’m so happy he called these people out & I loved how he kept his cool- didn’t even raise his voice once; that’s the way to do it. Congrats Duane!!!

  • Dan Hill

    Unbelievable. Well done for calling them out. Why the editor thought an attorney would be cheaper there for a second is beyond me.  

  • Jon L. Miller

    Excellent and a big congrats…

  • Noel

    Great Job!
    He knew exactly what he had done and when the bluff and bluster didn’t work, he caved in.
    Well done Duane!

  • Ann Peek

    Well done, Sir. 

  • WilkinsNannie75

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  • Andrew Bowness

    I’m a little confused, at the end of the video it says that the check was signed for “bullshit”, I thought that meant that he wouldn’t be able to cash it? Please note that I’m not American (I’m British), so I don’t know how your check system works.

  • Justin Talbot

    He signed his name, but on checks there is an optional line to say what the check is for.  For records I suppose.

  • Andrew Bowness

    Got it, to me it was as if the money was being sent to ‘Mr. Bullshit’, but your way makes a lot more sense.

  • ProfileTree

    Unfortunately this is happening everywhere – great to see this…but wonder what would happen if the newspaper was a large national & you could not get in front of the editor…must be a big problem for photographers. 

  • Kunvay

    This is the situation we are trying to help people avoid. Watching this we feel bad both the blogger and the newspaper editor. This situation could have been avoided. We wish we could have helped Duane Lester and the Oregon Time Observer.