Hilarious Portraits of Faces Being Blasted by Air

Photographer Tadao Cern has an awesome project titled, ahem, Blow Job that consists of portraits of people having their faces blown by extremely strong blasts of air.

You can find the entire collection of photographs over on Facebook.

Blow Job by Tadao Cern (via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Tadao Cern

  • Tomas

    always nice to see articles about Lithuania artists

  • Rohit kothari

    hahaha amazing work and funny faces too cool

  • Philip Smith

    And with that last one, Predator is born.

    “What the hell are you…”

  • Setenay Karacay

    I want a portrait like this!

  • bruhinb

    I really enjoyed these images. Nonetheless, I feel the need to point out you seem to have a very different definition of the word “hilarious” than I do…

  • PeckJuliette6

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  • Dave J

    Been done so many times now

  • Brandon

    I thought the same damn thing. HA!   

  • Tianlechen

    so much herp derp

  • Jerry Khan

    Fapping to the one second to the bottom…so hot.

  • Brian

    very funny

  • Mindaugas Dvaronaitis

    Great job! Great idea! Great that lithuanians do irregular stuff too ;).

  • SargentManuela

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  • Killermotion

    Like your mom.

  • Gooch

    These pictures are a lot of fun, BUT be very careful! I did a very similar shoot years ago. My assistant would blast air in different areas of a models face and we combined the “takes” together in a program (pre-PhotoShop). After we completed the shoot a friend pointed out that I had been using an air compressor with NO Filtration. Which meant that if a small bit of grit or sand had gone through the system, I could have “shot” that object into the models face. Ouch! Safety First Folks.