The Longest Photographic Negative in the World Measures 129 Feet

While we’re on the subject of world records in photography, did you know that the world’s longest photographic negative is 129ft 6.69in (~39.5m) long? It’s a giant panorama of the streets of Buenos Aires, exposed by Argentinian photographer Esteban Pastorino Diaz using a homemade panoramic slit camera that was attached to the top of his car.

(via Guinness World Records)

  • John Milleker

    Impressive, but the jumpy video gave me a headache. I jumped to the end hoping for some choice shots close up but there were none.

  • Henri

    I cannot imagine developing this negative and trying to make sure that all 39.5m of the film is getting the equal development!

  • Adam Harrison

    Negative? Looks like a positive (slide film) to me.

  • Spider- Man

    develop it like movie film…

  • Chris Reykjavik

    I don’t think its the longest negative ever exposed. Military reconnaissance airplanes used film as long as 60m.

  • Spider- Man

    True, but I doubt a secret spy mission would have had a Guinness official on board to verify ;)

  • PeckJuliette6

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