Flickr Updates Standard Photo View with Huge Photos and “Liquid” Layout

Well, whether or not you agree with the Gizmodo post we featured yesterday, Flickr continues to add improvements to try and make itself more appealing to existing users and, perhaps, some older users that have moved on to other sharing options. Their newest improvement has to do yet again with photo sizes, only this time it’s not the maximum display resolution in the lightbox, but rather how Flickr are bringing that same resolution to regular photo pages.

They’re implementing what they’ve dubbed a “liquid” layout, which will change the photo size being displayed depending on the size of the browser window the photo is being viewed in. That way you know that regardless of whether your Flickr followers are on a 27″ iMac or 14″ laptop, they’ll still see the biggest, best representation of your work. Head over to Flickr’s blog for more details.

(via Flickr)

  • Dylan Cyr

    I like the new liquid layout, but the way the comments are nested below the photo is terrible, especially with portrait photos on a large screen

  • Calgary Photographer

    I’m not sure about the new uploader either. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

  • Cornel Alin


  • Design on Legs

    Still the same poor sharpening algorithm being used on photos reduced in size. I usually upload a maximum 1600pix wide photos and when making the other smaller image sizes, Flickr sharpens them far too much. However, if I upload the full-size photo, the sharpening on the reduced sizes looks right.

  • mikekwan1001

    People seem to be ignoring the fact the new image sizes are available with the API as well.  Conceivably someone could easily steal a photo up to 2048px even with right click disabled.

  • Asad Pervaiz

    unfortunately for me, my monitor size is not in direct ratio with the speed of my internet connection. let’s hope there’s some accountability for that. for what it’s worth, i love the new uploader though.

  • Flgraphics

    ya the comments don’t work very well with the new liquid layout. It’s nice to see them at least trying to improve the site though

  • Mute

    This succeeded in making all photos look blurry, there’s a lot of very unhappy people in a Flickr Help forum thread complaining about it.

    It’s an unnecessarily complex solution to a relative easy upgrade.

  • ed g.

    Flickr is–get this!–“looking at a variety of data […] to help determine if this issue presents a measurable impact to Flickr”. (…elp/forum/en-us/72157629743256454/72157630068120662/)
    Isn’t that sweet? Photo display site. Fuzzy photos. “Measurable impact.” *facepalm*