Fashion Photos of Models Wearing Light Painted Dresses

London-based advertising and art photographer Atton Conrad does some pretty interesting mixing of fashion and light painting photography. He has done a number of images for magazines and ad campaigns that feature models wearing dresses manufactured from light rather than fabric. For each fo the images, Conrad paints the dress around the model in a blacked-out studio while remotely triggering the camera.

You can see more of his work on his website under the category “light painting”.

(via The Inspiration Grid)

Image credits: Photographs by Atton Conrad and used with permission

  • Adam Christie

    eww. ribs.

  • MrRocking

    Love the idea but, you’d think it’d be easy to find a light painted outfit for a plus sized model ;o)

  • Joey Duncan

    GO EAT A CHEESEBURGER! AND TAKE OFF THOSE WEIRD ASS SHOES! lol, actually this is pretty cool. 

  • Tampa Band Photos

    Very creative.  Might give this a shot sometime.

  • rwboyer

    For some reason I am seeing photoshop vs actual light painting during exposure – maybe it’s my cynicism? Should the title really be something like using stroked paths to simulate light painting?


  • jdm8

     The ass shoes are definitely stupid, the light painting technique is nice.

  • Fashion photographer London

    Totally agree with rwboyer. I needed 2 seconds to realize that this is photoshop…. eye inspired by light painting technique. 

  • rwboyer

    I am definitely getting more cynical as time goes on – as I fail to grasp the meaning of doing stuff like this? Well besides the fact that it looks “kewl” (note that is the way you spell cool to look cool and has no meaning).


  • Matt

    WTF is up with those shoes?  Too photo shopped and too thin…

  • Andy Kho

    Nice to see its been done again. Great work!!  =o) I used to do this about 11 years ago. 

  • Andy Kho

    Back in the days of film.  =o)

  • SargentManuela

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  • Dana

    I really like the effect and is totally doable without using Photoshop!

  • Dana

    I really like the effect and is totally doable without using Photoshop!

  • mugget man

    I remember a time when models were actually really attractive… 


  • Josh Wahawa Ruchty

    “I want you to stand naked, wearing these shoes, while I take your picture… “

  • Val Gruen

    im more interested in how to do that….than i am interested in the models