Dodge & Burn: A Clothing Line for Photography Enthusiasts

If you’ve ever felt like there’s a camera shaped gap in the clothing market that needed filling, then the new clothing company Dodge & Burn may be exactly what you were looking for. Created “out of a passion for analogue photography and classic cameras” and established last year, the Dodge and Burn brand pays hommage to some of the classic cameras of old, allowing you to keep a little bit of the past with you as you dive further into the digital age of photography.

So if you’re interested in broadcasting your love for the 1970’s Nikons or a 1950’s Rangefinder, you can find their shirts on their online store for $29 each.

Dodge & Burn – Photography Inspired T-Shirts [Dodge & Burn]

  • russianbox

    is there away we can see who posts which article on here?

  • Charles mason

    It’s under the title of the post

  • russianbox

    Thanks, I have a custom background set for websites which feel the need to make my eyes bleed by using WHITE, so that text for me is hidden in all the gray.

  • Tony

    Stuff seems like it was derived from these prints:

  • clickstation

    Am I the only one who’s bothered by the composition of the prints? Oh, the dead center placement of the cameras, even when the cameras are obviously facing one direction.. 

    Take the upper left (gray) t-shirt. The print should be smaller and placed on the upper right corner of the frame (i.e. our left pec when we wear the t-shir…..

    I have issues, don’t I? :(

  • Live Channels

    the red and black one is very nice, i like it

  • Click

    Cool shirts. I heart Nikon.

  • Osmosisstudios

    In the sense that there are different models of cameras at different angles done in a different style and have nothing in common whatsoever except for the fact that there are cameras?

  • Mike

    Is that gray shirt 18% gray?

  • Photographer in Calgary

    I like them. We could complain about the design, but personally, I’m thankful for some cool shirts that appeal to photo-types. I’ve got a few of them on order. Hope the quality of the fabric is good!

  • Slash_Cynic

    Too expensive. $15 or no sale.

  • Dave Reynolds

    Overpriced and uninteresting designs. Pass.

  • PeckJuliette6

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  • Photo Guy

    AA shirts are great quality!!

  • SargentManuela

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  • F_luzzi

    I got mine, the bottom right!

  • Marc_my_words

    Just got the red one. Happy fathers day to me….

  • Talat Ahmad

    beutiful shirts I like them a lot especially the red one.

  • Fred

    And they’re not even real photographs of the actual shirts. They’re ‘blanks’ where you paste/Photoshop your artwork on said ‘blank’ and call it real photography (note the exact wrinkling and folds of upper left and bottom middle shot). If you sell apparel, shoot the actual apparel, not a blank. That is cheating, and there’s a HUGE difference! People will and do notice these things…