What Classic Video Games Would Look Like in the Real World

Prior to the fancy graphics video game players enjoy today, classic games were based on simple geometric forms. German photographer Patrick Runte decided to do a quirky photo project exploring what these games might look like if translated to the real world. His series, titled Jump ‘N’ Run, shows people dressed in simple costumes of “characters” from games like Pac-Man, Pong, and Tetris.

Jump ‘N’ Run by Patrick Runte (via Lost in A Minor)

  • Jackson Cheese

    I call BS on Pacman.
    Everybody knows he’s a guy in a yellow jumpsuit. 

  • HoldenKeith57

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  • Rob S

    OK, I got Pac Man, Pong and Tetris but what are the other two???  I know my video games pretty well and I dont recognize them at all.

  • teohck18

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