Canon May Announce Its First Mirrorless Camera Before Summer

There have been a lot of rumors over the last month or two regarding Canon’s imminent entry into the mirrorless world; and it now seems that we won’t have to wait much longer before finding out. According to Canon Rumors, the new camera with its rumored APS-C sensor and 18-45mm kit lens could be announced before summer even starts. Canon’s executive vice president Toshizo Tanaka was also quoted recently as saying,

We will further differentiate and enhance our line-up by launching new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras.

This might seem to fly in the face of recent rumors that an announcement would come in August (just in time for Photokina in September), but the latest word on the street is that that Canon will be announcing its second mirrorless camera at the show in September. Of course, rumors are just that, rumors; but there’s no doubt that a mirrorless camera from Canon is on it’s way, now we just have to wait for a more significant leak to find out when and for how much.

(via Canon Rumors)

Image credit: Concept illustration by David Riesenberg

  • CX1

    Make it FF please.

  • VeryUncoolTony

    PLEASE have an EF mount

  • pele8123

    If it does have an EF mount I WILL buy, if it doesn’t i probably wont.  I have too much glass (and future purchases of glass) to fool around with a new mount.  It is fun to dream tho

  • Knur

    Fujifilm x-pro1 was a disaster (AF and focus by wire is useless) . Maybe Canon can make it better.

  • will hall

     If the idea is compact, an EF mount is the last thing you want. Flange distance for EF is 44mm, compared to 18mm that Sony manages with its mirror-less APS-C bodies. Using a EF rather than a new mount could be forcing a compact body to unnecessarily be 2.5cm thicker than it needs to be.

    However, if they did come out with a new mount, it would be a travesty not to have an EF mount adapter come out at the same time for use of the existing lineup

  • jdm8

    That makes sense.  I hope that it works better than the u4/3 adapter, a lot of 4/3 lenses weren’t compatible with u4/3 focusing.

  • Calgary Photographer

    Wouldn’t be cool if Canon offered a real rangefinder?

  • mvakleko

    They are pissing off a lot of people recently with their video decisions. They need the following to redeem themselves:
    – Full Frame
    – Waterproof body
    – EF/EF-S adapter that supports IS lenses
    – 60 fps 1080p with at least 50 Mbps and actual full 1920×1080 resolution
    – video crop mode
    – adapter for battery pack

    I think these features are a must. I would pay $2k for this in a heartbeat. Not more than $3k.

  • Irisblau86

    I am DYING for a Canon MILC.  EF-S at least please.  Canon; save me from buying a Fujifilm!!!!!!

  • Knur

    Canon make real full frame digital rangefinder camera and kick Leica in the balls.

  • mugget man

    Needs optical viewfinder. Needs it! Or at least an electric viewfinder built in, not some dinky add-on that just makes the camera larger and more damage prone.

  • Kieran Grasby

    Goodness me I hope it looks like the picture up there. That is a gorgeous looking concept

  • mythbuster

    In this early stage our expectations are valueless. Still remember Nikon´s J1 and V1 bluff?

  • Luiz Fellipe Carneiro

    If we got a digital canonet, I’ll sell a kidney to got one!

  • dnguyen

    I don’t know why you all would want EF/EF-S on a mirrorless camera. Defeats the purpose of having a compact camera, and the weight balance would affect the handle and useability.

  • canikon

    Well wasn’t that a disappointment!

  • James

    I don’t think they’d let you have full frame for less than 3k

  • James

    On a plus side, you can buy the eos m now for like 300 and it’s pretty sweet at that price.

  • James

    They’re canon, not fotodiox, if they want it to be EF they can change the flange distance with an optical reducer.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    someone please pinch Canon and wake them up