Instacanvas Turns Your Instagram Photos into Sellable Wall Art

Instacanvas is a new service that helps Instagram users make money by selling their photographs as canvas wall art. Users can display their images through the “online gallery space” on the site, and sell their images to buyers as canvas prints without having to do any extra work. Instacanvas acts as the middle man, doing all the printing and shipping, and takes a 20 percent commission from sales. The prints start at $40 for a 12×12-inch canvas and go up to $80 for a 20×20-inch one. Photographers are paid via PayPal once they earn more than $100 in sales. Instagram users have bought into the idea: the service amassed over 4,000 users in the first 72 of beta testing.

Instacanvas (via Digital Trends)

  • B E. L

    This just realizes my fear that a lot of people who use instragram believe they are artists. It’s just going to saturate the planet with canvas’ of shitty and same-looking photographs. (Disclaimer: Some people can use instagram well, I’m not maddoggin them)

  • Rick Bennett

    Lets see: a 612×612 image printed on a  20×20 canvas, yields a paltry 30 dpi. I’ll make a wild guess as to how good that’s going to look on a wall.

  • 9inchnail

    You just need large enough rooms. Looking at it from 30 feet propably looks pretty decent.

  • Donna Lasater

    Art appreciation courses need to make a comeback.

  • AMi IN
  • Jostein Roalkvam

    I would buy that sunset and tree canvas just so I could throw it in the trash, man that thing is fucking ugly.

  • Guest

    Wall Art? I guess.. Sellable? I doubt it ;)

  • Jake

    Think of it as digital Pointillism.  Hell, Van Gogh did it with paint over a century ago and nobody’s complaining now.

  • Jared Monkman

    I don’t necessarily agree with you.  Just because someone can put one of their instagram ‘prints’ up for purchase, doesn’t mean anybody is going to buy it.  It still takes a person with a good photographic sense to create decent images with the instagram app, and those decent images will be the ones that sell ,if at all.

  • J-Roc tha Monkman

    Thats where deception comes in and people who dont know will buy it. plus your just an idiot if you cant read between the lines.

  • Mtorrance699

    FYI – For all you haters of this service, you need to do some research . Check out latest write up on the company in the recent issue of the Los Angeles Business Journal. Furthermore what’s fueling this company is the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for $1,000,000,000.00 (yes 1 Billion Dollars). Instacanvas is piggy backing off Instagram so its a Win / Win for everyone!  Sellable?  YES ABSOLUTELY!