The DigiPlate: A Rock Solid Laptop Stand for Photographers Shooting Tethered

There are plenty of products on the market specifically targeting the photographer who shoots tethered to a laptop. But when it comes to putting your laptop somewhere other than the nearest unoccupied chair or table, we haven’t run into many accessories that offer a versatile, “attach anywhere” sort of solution — until we stumbled on the DigiPlate.

The DigiPlate is in a different category than products like the TriPad we mentioned in April or the many laptop tripod stands available, both in terms of cost and functionality. While the TriPad was a great solution for the casual photographer, the DigiPlate is made with the professional in mind.

The plate allows you to lock your laptop down; it can be attached to many different photography stands, clamps and accessories using different adapters; and its designers are planning to add further functionality by allowing you to attach routers, hard drives and other accessories to the bottom of the plate.

The video below does a better job explaining what the DigiPlate is and how versatile of a product it can be than we can, so take a look if you wan’t more details. The project is currently still in the funding stages over on Kickstarter; where a minimum pledge of $225 will get your own once the funding ends 42 days from now.

DigiPlate [Kickstarter]

  • Knur

    $225 lol 

  • ReyesRamon89

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  • Daniel

    With this product you know for sure that your laptop will still be connected to your tripod after it has fallen over.

  • jdm8

    Kickstarter. What a surprise. It looks like a nice idea, it’s just that Kickstarter is getting annoying, especially when seemingly accomplished people can’t make it go.

    I’m curious how many people photograph with their laptop tethered.  I think I did it once, and I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

  • Sean Lucky

    A large number of commercial photographers are shooting tethered to some kind of computer on the job. While shooting a hasselblad digital to a laptop tends to get a little hairy, it’s definitely necessary on a lot of location shoots. I personally think this is a much more elegant product than the current designs out there that tend to mount onto tripods. This thing’s awesome in that it can be mounted to any variety of grip equipment that’s always available around the world.

    Buddy should definitely design a hood to match this thing for blocking the sunlight.

  • Jack

     This looks like a nice solution.  If you are not familiar with Tether Tools they offer a really nice solution that mounts on lights stands as well as tripods.  A bunch of accessories as well.  They are at

  • Kay Hartkamp

    Like tether-tools, nice product for waaaaay too much money. Im building my own made from a piece of MDF and some leftover grip stuff. should do exactly the same.  

  • rogeros

    Putting its price aside, it seems like a good solution to me. There’s always a problem with laptops, I mean, where to put them while shooting?


    Well overpriced . 50% less I’d consider one.