SynchroCam Connects Two Smartphones for Synchronized Photos

The future of consumer photography could very well be with new sensors, or more compact interchangeable lens cameras, or 41-megapixel smartphones; but why not cameras that are wirelessly tethered together? Thats what SynchroCam can do, and for a free app it’s pretty cool.

Using the app you can connect two iOS cameras (ideally from the same device) and take simultaneous shots with both. And even though the app was designed with stereoscopic GIF creation in mind, the hope is that the technology will start looking more like the Apollon Concept in the near future; letting you snap panoramas and 3D images using only 2 smartphones.

SynchroCam [iTunes]

  • Andrew Bowness

    I expect to see a project on Kickstarter in a few days that holds two iphones side-by-side.

  • Jostein Roalkvam

    Android already has this… Apple follows after as usual.

  • Stojine Volkamar

    Hi kid

    the iphone was released before we’ve ever heard of Android.

    Kiss and good night

  • SynchroCam

    Hey there, actually I wasn’t aware something similar existed on Android, but that’s cool, I guess I don’t need to make an Android version. :)

  • Karel Bata

    Anyone able to tell me what the Android version is called?