Tintype Portraits and the Shop in SF That Creates Them in 20 Minutes

If film is dying, then tintype photography has been extinct for years, but there’s still one studio/gallery in San Francisco that can immortalize your portrait using this classic method in as little as 20 minutes. This video done by Cool Hunting Video shows store co-founder Michael Shindler going through the whole process, from prepping the plates, to taking the photos with a modified camera, to developing the one-off direct positive. The results, as usual, speak for themselves.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Melo

    Tons of character.  Very cool finished project.

  • freeboprich

    Glorious results!

  • Damian Monsivais

    I want to work in this 30 min photo place I thought they where all dead.
     But really it looks like the old processes are starting to catch up and we can now explore them further.

  • Dean W. Thompson

    That’s nothing. There’s a guy here in Toronto that shoots Daguerreotypes. 

  • parleton

    It is a misnomer to call the process is tintype. His process is alumitype that use collodion on black iron metal. Tintype itself is actually ferrotype that use the DIFFERENT mixture that heat/”bake” the metal. 

    Source: I do wet plate.

  • EJH

    To the PetaPixel staff, could you start offering links directly to all posted videos?  Some of us have trouble viewing embedded items.  Thanks!

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm. We’ll consider that. If you email us maybe we can figure out how to get it working :)

  • ReyesRamon89

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  • JR Goleno

    wow, I’ve been back and forth looking at doing some of my own tintypes in my 4×5 or old polaroid camera, but in research I’ve never seen someone use strobes on a tintype!  I thought it was only sensitive to UV and some of the blue spectrum.  Now I wonder if these are special strobes, or if I’ve just been wrong before :)

  • Sid Ceaser

     Viva la Tintype!!
    As we are both photographers, my Wife and I wanted something special when it came to photography when we got married in September.  Since we both have experience in hand made methods, we found a guy who does 20×24″ tintypes and worked with him to make gorgeous 20×24″ plates.  Heirlooms that will last forever:


  • E. Francis Kohler

    RayKo Photo Center (also in San Francisco) does tintypes too.

  • ccmacy

    EJH- could you be the artist who did a beautiful print of a seagull in Franklin Park back in 1999. Just purchased a polaroid emulsion transfer signed by EJH and trying to track down the photographer! If so, please contact me. Thanks!