Photographs of East Germany Locations Captured Decades Apart

Photographer Stefan Koppelkamm first photographed East Germany in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall but before the reunification. He revisited the same locations a decade later, and rephotographed them from exactly the same viewpoints to document the drastic social and economic transformations that came about during the time between the photos.

The project is called Ortszeit Local Time. Spielgel Online has an interesting article about the work.

Image credits: Photographs by Stefan Koppelkamm and used with permission

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  • hinckleybuzzard

    I visited East Germany in 1963. To compare it to today is like comparing Black&White to Color.

  • Jimfnd

    Looks like there was a sale on paint.

  • Joesephblow

    These pictures are impossible because everyone knows Socialism and Communism are superior.

  • skeptic_of_dem_liars

    Are these pictures of America before and after Dear Leader Obama? It must be…

  • Stand With Arizona

    I visited East Germany in 1988, and in every public room, there was a nervous silence, and a constant darting of glances towards the door. If I had known why, I probably would not have sold dollars for “Ostmarks” 14:1 in the bathroom. The Stasi were everywhere, and I was lucky.

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  • JJ Doe

    People like you, skeptic, amaze me. How you can take this topic and somehow make it about your anti-Obama obsessiveness….that takes skill! 

  • billraab

    I have never been to Germany but would like to. These images are strange to me as I prefer the before as to the after. It looks like the character of the buildings was painted away. Especially the fourth one. Maybe I just can’t see the true sense of decay that there was but to me anyways I like the before images. Cool comparison.

  • Rlcase

    I agree, if you do like this country LEAVE…   It was great when Bush was in office the country crashed!

  • Sganc

    Try visiting Poland. East Germany might have had luxury of a renovation but The Polish still have to live with the decay!!

  • FreddyNogo

    Poland goes pretty well, try going a little further east.