Famous Crossing At Abbey Road Offers Photo Ops and Traffic Jams

Everybody know the famous Beatles album cover of the four superstars crossing Abbey Road, but did you know that you can visit the intersection yourself and re-create the photo? Well you can, and what’s more, there’s a 24-hour webcam pointed right at the intersection that will capture you and your friends doing what tourists do at that intersection every week — annoy local drivers.

If you wanna see if you can catch a glimpse of people annoying local drivers, or if you just want to see the famous intersection for yourself, be sure to head over to the Abbey Road website and check out the 24-hour webcam.

Abbey Road – Crossing Webcam (via Boing Boing)

  • Spider- Man

    LOL I was there back in 07 and watched all the idiots try this. I felt sorry for local drivers. I set up in the center of the round about to get some pics and stay out of traffic as it seemed to be around rush hour…

  • A

    It’s just as bad at the intersection of  Lombard and Hyde in San Fran

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  • Fdfdsf

    Best part? It’s not even the right zebra crossing. It is further down than the one in the original photo as they moved it many years back.

  • Ctlisboa

    No, it’s really the right one, only that the cam shows from the opposite position.

  • Tyler Zoom

    yeup lol