Creative Macro Photographs of a Fun-Loving Fly

Photographer Nicholas Hendrickx has a quirky photo series titled “The Adventures Of Mr. Fly” in that features macro photographs of a (presumably dead) fly engaging in various human activities.

The Adventures Of Mr. Fly (via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Photographs by Nicholas Hendrickx and used with permission

  • Gerben

    Because, you know, photographing corpses is fun..

  • Ceri

     These are PLAYING corpses! That makes all the difference. :)

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  • ZiggyMann

    Not just photographing corpses but gluing corpses to inanimate objects and photographing them…

  • Grzegorz Rogala

    You want to see some more funny dead flies?! Check this out:


    I wonder if the photographer got the idea for these shots on the fly…

  • mythbuster

    stupid, stupid, stupid …

  • Flgraphics

    that fly is dead

  • ReyesRamon89

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  • Guest

    It is obviously the fly’s afterlife, duh!

  • Shmoe

     Someone hasn’t seen Weekend at Bernie’s in a while.

  • Joe Jarvis


  • Reberclark

    Shades of Ladislaw Starewic!

  • Candace Lasater

    I saw the same kind of photos using dead ants, they were really awesome and beautiful. I think they’re cute and I hate bugs of all kinds.

  • Barree7

    no its not

  • Mattias_74391

    Actually if you read the author’s comments at Flickr the fly isn’t dead, he captures the flies alive for the photos and he doesn’t ever kill them.

  • Visual Lee Designs

     If he does not ever kill them, then he might superglue them, a fly never sits still like that. I photograph them all the time, unless the flies are different in his country!