A Behind The Scenes Look at The Making of a Lee Filter

Lee Filters is a world-class producer of high-quality filters for both photography and cinematography, and now we have a chance to see what goes into making these high-end accessories. Keep in mind that these filters aren’t made by some machine on an assembly line; each Lee Filter is made by hand, and in this video Mike Browne shows you what that process entails from liquid start to solid finish.

(via DIYPhotography)

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  • ulrichinge

    Thanks for this blog post, it got me thinking about how very few things are made with significant human involvement. I wrote a blog post in response to the video and what I found here. Please check it out at the following url:

  • LF

    Lee filters are the best and their price reflects it. Now I know why they cost what they do :)

  • Richard Ford

    Can do the same – probably with better quality in an automated plant in China.  :-S  And yes – I have been to and been part of manufacturing in China.

  • ReyesRamon89

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  • Christopher Roubis

    ROFL Lee have very basic equipment to test the quality. Lee filters are expensive because they are all done by hand

  • Name

    That’s so cool that they put the work in by hand! I love my LEE filters, they are amazing quality!