Leica Monochrome M9-M To Feature M9-P Styling and Higher Price Tag

The big Leica announcement in Berlin is only three short days away, and as it draws closer more and more details about the highly-anticipated M9-M monochrome rangefinder are leaking. The most recent updates involve pricing and design. It seems that the new rangefinder will feature an all black body, much like the M9-P, with a Leica Monochrome engraving on the top plate. In fact, Leica Rumors is reporting that the M9-M will essentially be an M9-P with a monochrome sensor and a slightly higher price tag (between $8,500 and $9,000).

In addition to the M9-M, the Berlin announcement is also expected to include a new 16 or 18-megapixel X2 priced around $3,000; and a new 50mm f/2 Summicron-M lens for around $3,300.

(via Leica Rumors)

  • Rajsekhar Sarma

    Funny how they took away the logos and charged you more, now they take away the colours from the sensor and charge even more!!

  • 9inchnail

    Funny how hipster douchebags are still going to buy it.

  • Michael

    It’s probably to recoup the cost of R & D plus all the lost revenue making dumb moves between transition of film to digital. Nonetheless I think Leica started using their greedy dumb heads again when you can just convert colors into B&W or just use film instead. 

    Honestly I don’t see the point of Leica making these superficial products now days, it’s all about making money instead of creating a valuable product like the analog M series up to original M9. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised when DSLR and other digital come out with instant option of converting a color to B&W.  So what’s the point Leica?  Why can’t you be the first creating a M that both shoot color and B & W then able to convert vise versa, I would have bought that for sure.

  • Rich Shelton

    I’m going to go WAAAAY out on a limb here and guess: because it will sell.

    I’m also going to take another WILD guess that you aren’t the target customer.

  • Marilyn Manson

    You’ll be ok.  Even if those kids do get way more p*ssy than you, you’ll still be ok.

  • Knur

    Real hipsters are unemployed.

  • Knur

     No, they don’t because they are p*ssys.

  • Knur

    Nikon D800 =$3000  Leica M9-m $9,000 < LOL

  • Guest

    Digital sensors only see light, i.e. that is b&w. They don’t see colours per se… so there’s a lot of extra stuff and filtering to make it see rgb which in the end means: less sharp images and worse high ISO performance. Having a b&w only sensor gives you a sensor that performs better at b&w than a colour sensor with conversion to b&w does. It will be less versatile though.. and you will need to start working with colour filters again for special b&w stuff.

  • Guest

    And btw. this isn’t the only b&w only sensor out there.. it has it’s market.

  • OSAM

    A 50mm lens is the simplest design to actually design and make.  At f/2, they’re not even being adventurous…

    On what god-forsaken blight of a planet does a 50mm f/2 lens costing $3300 make any sense? And what POSSIBLE improvements could they have made (on a design literally a century old) that would increase the value by $1000?!

    Leica is just dumb.  I’ll say it.  It’s just dumb.  Don’t give me that “quality” crap; Leica lenses are good, but they’re not that good.

  • Guest

    “Why can’t you be the first creating a M that both shoot color and B & W then able to convert vise versa, I would have bought that for sure.”
    Any camera that shoots raw+jpg lets you do that. Set the camera for b&w and the raw file will still contain all the colour information.

  • Rob

    Hipsters don’t plop $10K on Leicas… The market is middle age enthusiasts like myself who have large disposable incomes. And Germans.

  • Rob

    They needed to raise the price to support Greece. Either they come out and admit it straight up, or they call hikes improvements. I like the latter. Maybe a gold screw somewhere, or a limited edition green logo.

  • Rob

    Leica owners aren’t professionals, theyre enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship, history, yada yada. I’m one of them. I don’t want a D800. Had a D7000 it was great, as is my NEX-5N with M mount adapter for the Leica lenses. My M6 is for fun – only shoot B&W, so if is MP-9P is less than $4K I’ll probably buy one.

  • Knur

     I’m very rich but I will never buy a $9k Leica. NEVER !

  • tthor

    My God – so many emotions this camera can generate! Even a rich guy having to state that he would ‘never get one”. I got one. And who would care? And who gives a f…k what anybody means about that? I don’t and I enjoy the camera and shooting. And if someone ever comes up to me and express some of the bullshit above be repaired for serious trouble. I am not kidding. It is like you have an opinion about my car, my dog, my shirts. It is personal.

  • Slash_Cynic

    Or just buy a Panasonic Lumix for $8,500 or less.

  • Claus

    An old 6mp Kodak 760Monochrome is still expensive about 5000K if you are lucky to find one and it is too big and heavy to handle .Happy I have never bought it .  I am wondering about the specifications and test shots of this unique and small size FF Monochrome Leica. Some pictures are better in color and others have more expression in B&W . It will will be a second camera to use in other situations with the Color camera you already have . I expect it will have very high and useful Iso value .

  • Knur

    Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  • Yasb

    I think it funny that whenever Leica release a product the cries are always it’s to much for to little.  It’s like judging a bicycle by the number of gears it has, oh why pay 3000 for only 18 gears when you can get 21 for 100 I’ve never used a Leica, but I like what they do, I like the dedication I like the products. It’s great a company in 2012 can put quality above price, OK they have to pull a few tricks to keep the money turnig sometimes like limited editions. But the core is good stuff and a monochrome version will be a good edition. I’d have one if I had the spare cash.

  • La Vida Leica

    La Vida Leica ( will be covering the event as it happens and publish a post-event recap of the new products.

  • Mike

    You should look into the technical specs of the B&W sensor. I dont think this is as easy as you make it out to be.


    I would say most people do not buy a Leica just because it cost a lot. Let me ask you this Mr Rich, do you own a Hyundai or a BMW? Do you wear Levi or Lucky Jeans? Do you own a 70″ television even though you sit 10 feet from it? It is not about how much something costs but what YOU as an individual get from it. I am not rich and only make about 65$/ year. I own an MP-9 with the 35 and 50 APSH lux’s. That is about $17000 yet I do not regret it for one second. What is money if you do not use it for things that you enjoy. I do not mean to sound so facetious but it gets my point across.

  • Economics

    I think the cost of a black and white Leica has to do with economics. Why does a D800e cost more than a D800 when there is LESS material cost. SImply because both Leica and Nikon do not believe that they will sell enough cameras to make profit at a lower price. If you make B&W photos 80% of the time then subtract those amount of hours in a year that you would spend converting photos to B&W. With the LeicaMM, you wouldn’t have to spend nearly as much time editing. Now, take all of those hours saved and get of the house and shoot. The camera is not for everyone and Leica knows this. They are a small company compared to the Camera giants, so you would have to expect good quality to cost the way it does. Leica is not made in China.

  • ThumbsUp

    Well said. There are very very few companies that care anything about quality. In 2012, most are 100% about profit and outsource everything to China. Sure the camera has its flaws but find me a camera that doesn’t. They all have pros and cons based on your own personal preference or even technical specs. The fact is, if you enjoy it then that is what matters. If you own a $200 Canon power shot and are 100% happy, then good on you. If you own a Leica M, and are happy then what is the difference? Thousands of dollars? It’s just money. You will get more…

  • HipWhat?

    You and Knur seem to be a little confused on what a Hipster is. The two of you really remove any reason to consider your opinions when you show your internet “cool guy” troll attitude like this. Not that it matters but felt the need to point that out.