Garry Winogrand Interview from 1981

Here’s an interesting 1981 interview with American street photographer Garry Winogrand in which he talks about his life, his work, and — interestingly enough — how he finds the term “street photographer” stupid.

(via Phototuts+)

  • B E. L

    This is why Winogrand is one of my most favourite photographers, because of his attitude to photography which then comes across in his work. So many photographers nowadays talk of their work with a deep textual analysis like they have to justify more than what is shown. Winogrand was just deeply in love with photographs and taking them and in reality, you don’t see that much anymore.

  • MB

    What a boring guy. And his pix are way overrated.

  • Cafetriton81

    sorry, you forgot to post a link to your amazing work

  • Scott Huck

    I found this interview very interesting!  At 14:04 “It’s a game, keeps it interesting”. I really like this guy!

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