Futuristic Drag and Drop Concept for Transferring Photos and Media

Tired of fiddling with cables and memory cards? You might not have to in the near future as wireless data transfer becomes more and more common. This brilliant concept video by designer Ishac Bertran imagines how we might soon be using “spatially aware devices”, or devices that can share data simply by holding them close together. Want to transfer some photos off your camera? Simply hold it close to your computer monitor and drag them off!

(via Doobybrain)

  • guest

    Seems annoying after a few files. I really don’t see this overcoming the good old drag and drop. 

  • Razvan Ovidiu Capinaru

    hoccer does the same thing …

  • Johnson Chiw Hong Wei

    NFC can do this feature. Nothing new here =)

  • 9inchnail

    How is that more comfortable than just sending a ton of files via FTP for example?


    Microsoft Surface did that 5 years ago.

  • Zta

    Clearly you’ve completely misunderstood the concept.  Maybe this is using http://FTP.  Maybe you don’t want to tranfer a ton of files, but just an album and load off some pictures.  In any case, point is that you simple hold your phone close… I’m not going to explain what the video so clearly shows =)

  • Jason

    webOS has this with Touch to Share

  • Jason

    webOS has this with Touch to Share

  • Mike Philippens

    Samsung has something like this with the new Galaxy S3. Just hold it against another S3 and you can share stuff. It’s just a software trick, combined with the NFC thingy inside, so nothing really futuristic. A couple of years ago, I had a Poken, which was a ‘novel’ way to  give out business cards. Hold the Poken against someone else’s Poken and you exchanged business cards. Simple idea, but it never caught on. Same principle as this.

  • Werner

    I have seen this concept in 2000, made by the future office at Ericsson. And it was even more convenient, since the whole desk was the screen and the user move the files over the edge to his tablett.
    Maybe they haven’t presented the video to a broader audience, but at least some 10 thousend people had the possibility to see this.

  • Guest

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo.” — Andy Finkel.

  • 9inchnail

     I have understood the concept but I don’t see the point. I can transfer files to my phone without even taking it out of my pocket, I can have it in another room if I want. Why would I do it like this? It’s just not any improvement in usability.

  • Julian Maytum

    This was done several years ago using Microsoft surface technology.  Instead of trying to figure out the maximum dollar companies can get for this type of thing they should get on with releasing it to the wild.

  • Zta

    Hm, you’re right.  Perhaps this would be better for pairing pc and device?  Perhaps wifi/bluetooth automagically turns on and off when the phone is near the screen.  But even if so, I’d rather have the mounted file folder of the device opened.

  • Lisette Rozenberg

    Don’t we have iCloud these days? Why hold your phone against the screen when you can just lay it anywhere in your house….

  • EsperOni

    Has nothing to do with Near Field Communication.

  • EsperOni

    TAT already did this last year. Big deal….

  • Guest

    Sounds like an original concept, except that I saw the same thing in the movie, “Avatar”, not long ago.

  • Dynamize

    Yeah I hate to be a critic but as most of the comments above have pointed out, several devices already have this technology, MS Surface demo’d a far more comprehensive version of this years ago (5years-ish I think) where you would order items and pay for them also with other apps and using some version of the NFC or similar. I also can’t get away from the comments asking “why”. I mean alot of mobile devices have some form of sync to a cloud option, so why would I want to have to take the device out of my pocket/bag when I can just click a button and have the files transfer wherever the device may be.

  • Joel Johnson

    This looks a lot (in concept) like the Razorfish 5D solution. 

    go to the 0:29 marker.  I do see a practical purpose for this, especially if the devices are not already paired. In the case of the Razorfish demo part of the concept involves some one with a device that may have no previous association with the computer being able to drag information onto/off of the device.