Specimen Box Picture Collages Created with Photo Fragments

We’ve seen many a photo collage in our day, but New York artist Michael MapesSpecimen Boxes are an entirely different creature. To create these unique photo compartments, he dissects various photos of his subjects into many corresponding bits and then mounts those bits on or in different materials — much like what you see in insect collection boxes. Sometimes it’s vials, sometimes it’s push pins, and sometimes it’s gel caps, but it always turns out looking really interesting.

You can find more of his work over at Parlor Gallery or on his website.

Michael Mapes (via Lost At E Minor via Colossal)

Image credits: Photographs by Michael Mapes/Parlor Gallery

  • Ian Ludwig

    Cool but in a creepy CSI sorta way (mainly the last one).

  • Mouring

    Pointillism using photography.   Actually a fun way to break up a picture for display.