Legless Photographer Captures 33,000 Photos in 17 Different Countries

Words certainly won’t do Kevin Michael Connolly justice. Born without legs, this part-photographer, part-professional skier, part-writer is, ironically enough, an inspiration to us all (we say ironically because in the Today Show interview above they talk about how much he hates to be called an inspiration).

His memoir Double Take chronicles his journey through Europe during which he was able to capture many of the stares he deals with on a daily basis. How many? More than 33,000 photographs across 17 different countries.

If you want to see more than the couple of sample images here, be sure to head over to his website and check out his gallery. His photography skills are almost as impressive as his life story.

Kevin Connolly (via xatakaphoto)

  • ThermiteCrab

    Yeah, but can he play soccer?

  • Andy Austin

    Was the convocation speaker at my college two years ago, absolutely amazing and inspirational speaker. 

  • Andy Austin


  • Karkuk14

    this is a really great post, and has totally made my day! good for him and god bless people like that.
    very unique photos and perspective.