Butterfingered Photographers Being Sued for $300,000 by Art Collector

Here’s a good example of why photographers should think about carrying liability insurance: Art + Auction magazine is being sued for $300,000 by art collector Corice Amran after its photographers accidentally knocked over a 2,630-year-old Nigerian Nok statue. The magazine was photographing the terracotta statue — the oldest known figurative sculpture south of the Sahara — at Amran’s house in May 2011 when the photographers decided to pick it up and move it to the opposite side of the room. According to the lawsuit,

During the photographers’ move of the Nok figure, the Nok figure fell onto the floor and was smashed into a myriad of pieces, cannot be restored and is a total loss. Defendant, through the photographers, acted negligently and without the due care necessary with respect to the Nok figure, particularly in light of its rarity, value and fragility. As the result of defendant’s negligence, the 2,630-year-old Nok figure owned by plaintiff was destroyed.

At least it was an inanimate statue and not a baby

(via Courthouse News via Boing Boing)

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

    You break it, you bought it.

  • Michael Zhang

    At least in the case of a statue…

  • Herb Derbderb

    Well, there’s always secretarial work.  Buck up photographers, you’ll make excellent typists. 

  • Zefanya Hanata

    Did I see “made in China”?

  • ai4281


  • Ghostman34

    Actually it was made in Taiwan.

  • HintonLewis25

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  • Tracey Easter

    Yeah …. fine line right there. You always have the client do any moving of any objects of this nature or you settle for those photos you get. If you have proper lighting, moving should not be needed.

  • Kimberly Pickering Bowers

    Owner was not present nor had a representative there to oversee such a valueable piece of art….? 

  • Adrien Bisson

    Easy for me to say, but I would never pick up a work like that and move it. Period.

  • Plaidponcho

    So wait..this story has nothing to do with Butterfingers?  Scam.

  • David Entrican

    Ugly statue. Looks better in bits ;)

  • gabrielserna

    so instead of moving their lighting… they move the oldest irreplaceable object in the room….. I wonder if they also shoot weddings

  • Raphael Francisco Puttini

    Are these the same that killed the ear-less bunny? #fail

  • Pragmatista

    But it was so old!  He definitely needed a new one.  So the photographer did him a favour.

  • jumplinkdesign

    Nok Nok. Who’s there? a broken statue with a high price tag…

  • thejudeman

    Looks like someone will say goodbye to their 5Ds and sweet gears.

  • Panonomous

    Seems the photog was across the room when the object was broken. 2 employees of art+auction were the ones handling the object and it seems one of them is no longer employed any longer.

    It looks like art+auction are the ones with a problem right now, not the photographer.

  • Bleep

    Don’t nok it till you’ve tried it.

  • HardyLenora37

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  • Rad

    Such a shame, this statue was very old, valuable, with such a strong meaning, and it got broken over what ? A FUCKING PHOTOSHOOT FOR AN AUCTION MAGAZINE.

  • The_photographer_Tom

    Reminds me of a sign I saw in a shop once:

    “lovely to look at
    Delightful to hold
    But if you should break it
    Consider it sold”

  • The_photographer_Tom

    Reminds me of a sign I saw in a shop once:

    “lovely to look at
    Delightful to hold
    But if you should break it
    Consider it sold”

  • pete_mac

    In other news, Nigeria is suing collector Corice Amran for stealing artifacts from their country. 

  • §†€v€

    Note to self: Put Nok figures in bedroom closet before NASCAR party this weekend. 

  • Terry Thomas Photos

    The photographer was on the other side of the room when two of the MAGAZINE employees moved the piece of art. The photographer is not to blame.

  • Marquis

    Broke a piece of my history.