Nikon D600: New Rumored Specs and an Alleged Strap Photo

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Nikon is gearing up to launch an affordable entry-level full frame DSLR called the D600. Details were scarce, but now there’s murmurings of detailed specs: Nikon Rumors writes that the camera may has a 24 megapixel sensor and a $1500 price tag — the cheapest of any full frame DSLR thus far. The above photo, which appears to show a Nikon D600 strap, was also posted today to the Chinese forum Xitek. If the rumors turn out to be true, we’ll see an official announcement for this camera before Photokina rolls around in September. Let the affordable full frame revolution begin!

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • jeannine

    I hate those friggin straps

  • Scott Hutchison

    Looks like Sony is selling off some extra a900/a850 chips.

  • koolaid

    “full frame entry level dslr” that sentence sends me the wrong signals. seems like in the near future everyone will be walking around with a full frame sensor.i always thought of having a full frame sensor meant you were a serious photographer, not someone who is just starting out?

  • will hall

     Since when has possession of professional class gear ever been an indicator of a photographer being any good, or of entry level gear indicating a photographer being poor. All it indicates is their wealth. To someone who earns enough, the D800 is as affordable as the cheapest coolpix would be to a laborer. But maybe its the laborer who is a hobby photographer and takes fantastic photos with their camera, but the rich kid is just using it for snapshots in auto mode

  • Slash_Cynic

    Yep, first rule of becoming a respectable photographer is to buy a new strap.

  • Suecat

    DX only formats will be gone in 10 years.  FX with high megapixel counts will be the standard.  DX will be a “mode” on an fx camera… :) 

  • Guest

    Doubt it. If they were to use an old sensor in this camera the sensor from the d700 is a better performer than the sensor from the a900/850. Although be it with lower resolution. Rumours has it that Sony’s next FF camera will also be 24MPx (a99) with a new sensor, so I guess this would be the sensor in question.

  • Rasmus Helenius

     And your argument for that is?

    We know smaller sensors, even with high MP are MUCH cheaper to make than big sensors with smaller MP count.

    What do YOU think the average consumer wants? People who don’t know what a f-stop is, or why optical zoom is better than digital?

  • Jonas Nordlund

    That comment didn’t make any sense. Skill defines a photographer, not gear. This hasn’t changed for the last 100 years.

  • Jonas Nordlund

    The average consumer? Well I don’t think they want bulky DSLR’s for basic travel photography in the first place, with mirrorless APS-C systems coming with full force lately. I think DSLR’s – both cheaper and not (depending on other features than the sensor such as weather sealing) – will be for FF users, and MILC systems for amateurs and prosumers alike. It only makes sense.

  • Guest

    The entry level for full frame cameras will still be expensive compared to the average consumer dslr. This camera will be for enthusiasts, if it’s coming. I personally think Nikon will be making something like this as the D800 with its monster sensor in many ways has become too much for the average enthusiast.

  • Robert

    It’s exactly like I told my girlfriends cousin Nikon would come out with this strap.  I’m so glad I’ll be replacing my strap with this one.

    It’s too bad Canon had to recall their new straps due to that thread fraying issue, hello it’s a professional calibre strap?!?!!

    Still doesn’t compare to my iphone  strap, or as my sister’s professor’s assistant boyfriend calls it a Strapple.

  • Joe Owens

    make one

  • Anthony_1000

    I agree with Jonas. Why buy a DSLR which is no better than a mirrorless APS-C sensored camera. Sensors are getting bigger and cheaper. It is logical that DSLRs must represent better image quality than mirrorless cameras or people will stop buying DSLRs.

    Already there are mirrorless cameras which are comparable to mid-range DSLRs. I predict that in the near future all DSLRs will be full-frame. Most mirrorless cameras will have APS-C sized sensors.  Even compact cameras are getting larger sensors these days.

    With new technology such as electronic viewfinders and phase detection auto-focus which uses data directly from the sensor, a mirror will no longer be necessary anyway.

  • jun

    DX is currently a limitation, not a feature. As we very well know, in today’s world, limitations last a very short time. I agree too that once it becomes significantly cheaper to make high MP FX sensors, who needs DX anymore? Just crop if you really need to.