Ghostly Self-Portrait Captured in Macro Photograph of Eye

After taking a macro photograph of his own eye using a Samsung WB500 compact camera, Jarroseph was startled to find that the photograph showed his own face reflected in his eyeball. His face had reflected off the front of the lens, off his eyeball, and then into the camera!

(via Reddit via Photojojo)

Image credit: Photograph by Jarroseph and used with permission

  • Ren Bostelaar

    … really.

  • moi

    I’ve seen my camera’s reflection on spider’s eyes, but this is new.

  • jackdiamond21

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  • dave

    We need to go deeper.

  • John

    I don’t know if you’re trying to increase your daily post rate or gain more pageviews for ad revenue, but this blog really has hit the bottom of the pile. Removed from my favourites.

  • Michael Zhang

    Yikes… that bad huh? :-/

  • Lüi Lāñëz

    i’ve seen a few shops in my day and this is most definitely a shop

  • Lüi Lāñëz

     i’ve seen a few shops in my day and this is most definitely a shop

  • Dana Sibera

    Definitely not :)

  • hukes gukes

    Totally FAKE!!! If the reflection is looking straight at the lens, why the eyeball is not.


  • Ian

    I also accidentally captured my face in a macro shot of my eye, check it out…

  • Jerrit Pruyn

    meh, it isn’t even that good. this one is better

  • randomdesi

    I took a similar self-portrait a few years ago.

  • Ben Marshall

    If it is Shopped… its really good… I have tests to see if something is shopped… so I did one here… All the black seems to be on the same level, and the reflections on his eye lens appear to be true…    You may inspect the photo below.  Either way… this version that I edited might prove it one way or the other.  This photo nor the original are mine, this is just for comparison.

  • kendon

    this is physically not possible. the eyeball is a concave surface, and does thus reflect a very wide angle (think of a christmas tree ball ornament). the lens is another concave surface, yet not as extreme as the eyeball. the reflection of ones own face would be too tiny to see, or (if the lens was close enough) way too much distorted. if there was any reflection it should be the reflection of the lens, and in there *might* be some brighter pixels that would then be the photographed face. this is not exactly rocket surgery*, just takes a bit of thinking.

    way to believe every bullcrap that’s posted on reddit.

    *) before you start flaming, google it.

  • Ben Marshall

    Good call on the Concave surface thing… but the eye is convex.

  • kendon

    obviously you’re right, might i excuse this with not being a native english speaker? ;) convex is actually what i meant in my post above, and what only makes sense of course…

  • kendon

     /concave/convex/, thanks for the heads up ben :)

  • Minwedar

    Here is one I did while I was bored looking to take a picture of something with my new macro lens. You can see the position of the camera.

  • kendon

    my understanding is that he pointed the camera straight to his face, without a mirror being involved. it says that the image is “reflected off the front of the lens, off his eyeball, and then into the camera”. with a mirror i would really, really, really question the importance of this blog post, instead of the validity of the picture, as it would be a one-of-a-gazillion shots and nothing special, interesting, or even remotely noteworthy…

    btw, this is how the creator of the image describes how it happened:

    “It occured because i held my camera away from my face, on the macro
    setting, and zoomed in. The reflection in my eye, is therefore a
    reflection of my face on the camera’s aperture.”

    i’m even more confused what exactly he did, but i still call shenanigans on the double-reflection story, as long as one reflection is supposed to happen on the front element of the camera lens.

  • Hypercore360


  • Tianlechen

    watch out man, thats a badass we’ve got right here

  • Anne

    ok, good for you I guess?

  • Anne

    This has turned into the “I’m going to post pics of my own macro eye, which I think is clearly superior” thread.

  • Ben Marshall

     right… but in order to line up the shot, he used a mirror to see the LCD screen, which is why he has a reflection of himself in his eye… Same reason you can see your own eye inside your sunglasses… even though you can’t focus that close, its because it refelects enough times to give the light a long enough wave for your eye to focus on.

  • Susan Mary Risk

    Ben Marshall made sense of all this- it looks like a new genre for photography zealots! What an awesome shot, and a new discovery (so far). You who are so quick to cry fraud are just swiggin on the sour grapes!

  • Jarroseph(real)

    no, it is not.

  • Jarroseph(real)

    it is not fake, okay? christ, just understand it. i took the photograph a distance away from my face and it reflected my face of of the aperture. it is easy to understand, just look at the reflections on the right side.

  • Jarroseph(real)

    it wasn’t intended to be ‘good’. it was accidental and interesting.

  • Jarroseph(real)

    IT IS NOT SHOPPED. why the f*** would i bother to claim so much that it is if it is not real??? for the love of god. it is not shopped, i don’t bother with that photoshop bollocks and i couldn’t care less about it. it occured because i was taking a load of pictures of my eye and it happened. accept it.

  • Jarroseph(real)

    for fucks sake. it is not shopped. my original theory was that it was reflected off of the lense, but that was a guess. trust me it is not shopped, i would not ever take the time to give a shit about photoshop to fake this, i couldn’t care less about it. it’s infuriating that people can’t just appreciate that its just an occurence and was pure luck. the camera was not next to my face, it was quite a distance away and i zoomed in. if you want to, believe it is shopped. but i shit you not it isn’t.

  • Jarroseph(real)

    this is the camera i used, . “convieniantly left out of the story”? who the fuck do you think i’m trying to trick?? it just happened. it is so infuriating that people are over analysing it, nearly making me regret putting it on the internet on the first place. don’t try and be a smart arse, because you are incorrect.

  • Jarroseph(real)

    i didn’t actually use a mirror, mate. i just aimed it correctly at my eye.

  • kendon

     you really have a problem with your attitude. and language.

  • Steven Alan Worster

     calm down bro, why bother with these nay sayers.  you know it’s real that’s all that matters.  take a pill for the chill.

  • Tory Poarch

    want to impress me… how bout the reflection of the reflection? otherwise BFD.

  • Guest

    This is one of my photographs.
    It´s a horse eye, and you see the reflection of me there.

  • Haakon Hoseth

    This is one of my photographs.
    The eye is of a horse.