Woman Aims to Meet and Photograph Her 626 Facebook Friends in Real Life

After amassing 626 friends on Facebook two years ago, Tanja Hollander began to wonder how many of them were actually friends in the conventional sense. She then set out to answer the question by meeting each one of them and photographing them in their homes. The portraits are published on a website set up for the project, titled The Facebook Portrait Project, and each photo includes some information about the subject and their relationship to Hollander.

So far she has completed about a third of the portraits, and plans to continue working on the project until her friends list is completely photographed.

The Facebook Portrait Project (via NPR)

Image credits: Photographs by Tanja Hollander and used with permission

  • Martin

    a have same album and?
    i hope that both of us succeed!

  • Omar Chatriwala

    If they’re friends, then how come nobody is smiling?

  • Adam Cross

    interesting concept – shame that the photographs themselves are quite unremarkable – a few good ones but I wouldn’t want to own a coffee table book of all 626

  • Marc

    All her friends seem to be in NE USA, this isn’t a particularly interesting project.  When she starts travelling to the globe to photograph friends then that’ll be the real commitment to the project.

  • Dee

    what Steven responded I cannot believe that anyone can get paid $7823 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this site link !!!

  • Holly

    this is a really cool concept if the portraits were at all compelling. 

  • steve-o

    What if, and now bear with me people, your facebook “friends” are mostly people you actually know and see IRL before..
    what is the concept of friends then, nothing.
    my facebook, 100 friends, i know/seen 80 of them IRL.. maybe only 20 not.

  • BSR

    Kind of interesting.  But I have no idea who these people are.  The photos say nothing. Think before you shoot.

  • Nathan Caulford

    I don’t have any facebook friends that I HAVEN’T met in real life. Maybe it’s just me.

  • Guest

    In reality, I would guess most people have many friends they don’t actually know. Isn’t networking with your friends friends a good idea? I don’t know why people look down on it so much. She does seem to be doing a bit of a hat tip to the idea that you should actually get to know your friends. Nothing wrong with that. I’m sure she will be both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised. :)

  • David DePhillips

    In addition to the relationship with the author, I would be interested in their relationship with one another. She is conducting a visual poll at a time of great social divide. Social media is revealing what difference you have with your friends.

  • Tzctplus -

    I am amazed that some people find the photographs uninteresting.

    I can only assume that they are not even trying to look.

  • Elle @ Chellbellz

    thats what i’m saying, I have about 6 that i met through a Fan Group but the rest I know or met already.

  • Joey Miller

    I’d thought about doing something like this a while back, but gave up once I realized the majority of my 1000+ “friends” are just people that have seen me at a party, or that I might have photographed at a party, or are “friends” with other people that I have photographed at parties (I go to and throw lots of parties, much to my wife’s dismay/enjoyment. Some days I can’t tell which). I regularly see about 30-40 of my Facebook contacts in real life, and those people I’ve photographed the hell out of. I get happy when people use my photos as their profile pictures, but I can’t imagine even half of my friends list and still having an interesting body of work.

  • Carmatta

     I agree….not much thought went into the actual photos….but – i can tell a LOT about each person, just by their homes, their choices of what to surround themselves with on a daily basis, and their expressions!  Maybe they were asked to look sober, or maybe it’s just that they didn’t even sit and talk before the photos were taken.  ???