Tripad: The Laptop Stand for your Tripod

Here’s a unique invention that could make many a photog’s life easier — especially if they’re shooting tethered. The Tripad, which is available on the company’s website for $100, is a laptop stand for your tripod. The unique design allows you to hang the Tripad over your tripod, and use the platform to hold your laptop, notebook, or other photography gear.

Unless you’re hauling around your desktop, the 50lbd weight limit should be more than enough for the average person; and sunrise photographers will be happy to know that the Tripad also comes fully equipped with a slide-out cup-holder to hold your coffee or energy drink of choice.

Tripad (via TogTech)

  • Veston Di Donato

    These things are sweet! ¬†A definite help if you shoot tethered, and a great edition even if you don’t!

    We sold out of these at the camera store I work at here in Austin.  Hopefully we get our order in soon.

  • will hall

    looks like a very good way to shift the center of mass well off center

  • Procentjetwintig

    Looks easy to duplicate from plywood. I might hack myself one together some day.

  • Dee

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  • uh der

    why would you rest your coffee next to your laptop while perched on a tripod?! seems like a disaster waiting to happen. You knock the coffee, it spills, you leap up to stop it and knock the whole thing over breaking your lappy and your camera in one fail swoop…genius.