Use Music as a Timer When Working in the Darkroom

Sick of staring at giant darkroom timer while waiting for chemicals to do their work? Try replacing the timer with carefully selected music. Photographer Lauren E. Simonutti writes over at Lens Culture,

For some reason I only listen to music in the darkroom. I find watching clocks tiresome so I time film processing by music — I have a range of songs of the proper length. Film goes in, music goes on (Tom Waits, Bowie, Bauhaus), song ends, film comes out.

An easy way to find songs with the correct length is to sort your music library by duration.

Photographic notes from a madhouse (via Photographs on the Brain)

Image credit: Exposed Darkroom by Gamma-Ray Productions

  • hj

    How very Hudson Hawk :)

  • rtfe

    -greatest movie of all time

  • Stephan Zielinski

    I accidentally cued up Philip Glass, and now have two hundred prints of a grocery cart repairwoman smiling apprehensively.  AGAIN.

  • Kennuf

    Music as a darkroom timer??? A good idea but not a new one…Leopold & Leopold did it first! Not sure what that means??? Look up Kodachrome Inventors…..

  • Salemid

    Though you should know. Lauren E. Simonutti passed away recently.

  • Henning Nilsen

    I listen to audio books when developing.

  • David

    Many years back, when processing C41 in a handline I had a very “suggestive” tape made by my girlfriend – Slide it in, – and up, and down, and up and down…… pull it out and shake it till all the drops run off the end; now plunge it into the next opening… ;-)

  • Peter

    darkroom users have vinyl record collection. like Lauren said: All work is 100% digital free.
    that kind of music library.cannot be that easy sorted by duration.