LEGO Rooms Photographed to Look like Full-Sized Spaces

Remember those beautiful macro photos that showed the inside of musical instruments as giant rooms? Sao Paolo, Brazil-based photographer Valentino Fialdini did something similar, except instead of musical instruments he used small chambers created out of LEGO blocks. With some clever lighting and camera trickery, Fialdini captured the tiny rooms and corridors as to look like giant architectural spaces.

(via My Modern Met via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Photographs by Valentino Fialdini and used with permission

  • Jamie Furlong

    I’ve just had one of those ‘wish I’d thought of that’ moments!

  • Daniel Nielsen

    Would be pretty darn awesome if these were actual rooms. I would go to such a place!

  • Doris1818

    Wonderful work! congrats to the artist!!!!!!!!!