New Ad for Nokia’s 808 PureView Shot Using the Phone Itself

Nokia recently put together this ad for the new 808 PureView — their 41-megapixel monster of a camera phone — that they claim was shot using only the smartphone itself. Cramming too many pixels on too small a sensor rarely leads to good results, but sample shots and video in the ad don’t look bad at all. Of course there’s probably a “real-life results will vary” tag in fine print somewhere that we’re missing; but where the pixel race is concerned Nokia have definitely proved that they are winning.

Unfortunately, as we’ve mentioned before, Nokia aren’t going to sell the phone in North America.

(via The Verge)

  • Toomas Kadarpik

    Amazing camera and beginning of new era without compact cameras.

  • Thomas

    “full HD video”

    Ad rendered in 720p

  • Wallerus

    Hey, did you know my camera can make calls and send texts? Yeah, it’s rad!

  • Matt

    I’d but it if it were for sale in the USA