DxOMark: Canon 5D Mark III Sensor Best Among Canons, Falls Short of Nikon

Camera rating business DxOMark has published its in-depth sensor review for the Canon 5D Mark III. For Canon fans, there’s both good and bad news: while the camera boasts the best sensor seen in a Canon DSLR so far — besting the sensor found in the 1Ds Mark III — its score of 81 is far below the Nikon D800’s 95. DxOMark does, however, point out that the two cameras focus on different strengths:

The duel between the Nikon D800 and the EOS 5D Mark III would most certainly take place except that the different sensors each one has adopted makes it difficult to do a head-to-head comparison. Both sensors offer different advantages —in principle, sensitivity for the Canon and definition for the Nikon. With its 36 megapixels, the Nikon D800 clearly has concentrated its efforts on fine detail reproduction.

For its part, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III chose to make a grand compromise: with its 22 megapixels, it offers both higher definition and in theory, higher sensitivity.

Canon 5D Mark III Review [DxOMark]

  • Cochese

    Despite the results here, in nearly all actual comparisons, the 5DIII outshone the D800 in lowlight image quality. o_O
    I cannot say ‘all’ comparisons, as I’ve not seen all of them, only the ones shown at various photography websites.

  • Vincent

    It doesn’t matter! 95% of us won’t tap the full potential of either camera, so don’t worry about crap like this. Instead of worrying about the tech specs, go and train your eyes.

  • Mango

    Pentax is better than both Nikon and Canon anyway.

  • wickerprints

     Yeah, every single comparison I’ve seen between the 5D3 and the D800 shows that above ISO 1600, the 5D3 shows superior image quality–lower noise and better color fidelity.  DxO’s results are inconsistent with actual side-by-side test shots.  The D800 is clearly superior at low ISO and there’s no doubt about that, but for them to claim that it’s also better at high ISO just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Sergio Alonso Rodríguez

     you are wrong, iphone was.

  • Three_fitty

    They don’t. It says in the review that the Canon offers “in theory higher sensitivity.”

  • Cochese

    It’s not just “higher sensitivity” it’s higher quality at higher sensitivities.

  • stevo

    No way, android is better!!

  • Qw

    no webcam is better 1.3 Mpx

  • Christopher King

    No, VGA cell phone cameras pwn. A website says so.

  • Benny

     Are u sure? windows phone is the most better.

  • T-dawg

    Sony Mavica! Long live the Floppy Drive Camera!