Thrifty Couples Opting for Photoshopped Wedding Photos in China

A strange bit of news coming out of China: couples are opting to have their wedding photos faked using Photoshop due to rising photography costs.

Rising cost of a wedding photo-shoot is forcing some Chinese couples to get their wedding albums prepared with the help of morphing offered by various online photography-related agencies. With the help of computer software like Photoshop, a couple’s ordinary photo can be added with wedding dresses, flowers or even a tropical island setting to create faux wedding images.

While the cost of a professional shoot in China can run upwards of $950, having your wedding photo album faked by online Photoshopping businesses only costs $50.

Chinese couples opting for faked wedding albums [Yahoo News]

Image credit: chinese wedding by chokola and Hawaii by Sarah_Ackerman

  • freeboprich

    I think this is when Graham Chapman would normally step in to say “Stop it! Stop it!  This is all very silly!”

  • Matthew Lit

    One more reason I’m willingly walking away from the wedding business. So sad…

  • Dan Howard

    I feel the same about all photography. “In these harsh economic times” people are turning to soccer-moms who’s husband has just bought them a new camera, and because it’s big and its black (the camera that is) they think the have a free pass to “start their own photography business” offering shoddy photographs for a quick buck.

  • Skydiver502

    If they can fake milk powder, fake ginseng, fake eggs, fake iPhones, etc, I’m not surprised! I believed the quality of the Photoshopped pics will not be as good too.

  • Ashley

    I don’t get it. They’re faking their wedding photos so they can enjoy fake memories?

  • Michael

    Only in China, priceless

  • Ian Ludwig

     Basically, yes.

  • Joseph Mietus

    Actually, not really. This has much more to do with cultural issues relating to status and social class. Similar to how you’ll see a Chinese family that owns an iPad but doesn’t have running water. 

  • Kevin Newsome

    Well. I for one am convinced that the couple shown above were standing right beside those kayaks. Damn fine photoshopping China.

  • he

    just a pic!

  • newamericanclassic

    why yes, if they are in possession of a camera, they are allowed to take photos–shocking, I know. and yes, they have a “free pass” to start whatever inevitably doomed photography “business” they want.

    or are only “professionals” allowed to do that?

  • felix!

    rising price of photography? really? it is down to nothing if you want crap…..

  • Indubitably me…

    Very well said newamericanclassic. I am a male and a  photographer too and I am soooo sick of these elitist, know-all’s who wish to limit membership into this fantastic occupation. I personally know of many so called ‘soccer-moms’ who would put a lot of professionals to shame and also a few professionals who need to change occupation immediately. Not all private operators are great but many are! Lets allow the purchasing public to decide who is good without the generalisations please.

  • 9inchnail


  • 9inchnail

    Why not? Photographed in front of a green screen, the final images might look convincing. I mean, half the stuff you see in your everyday newspaper is fake and you believe it, don’t you?

  • Jackson Cheese

    You sound like one of those people who thinks laws should be passed so that only “Government Licensed Professionals” should be allowed to make money with their photography.

  • Kevin Newsome

    She faked it on her wedding night too.

  • Slangula

    Where do you live?

  • Cassie Whitehorne

    At the end of the day, the CUSTOMER decides what they want. Photoshop, soccer moms, or whatever you class as ‘professional’. (My definition is someone who charges for their services, so a soccer mom may well be classed that same way ! )
    Anyone who hires a photographer without checking out their work is hoping for the best, and if they have looked, and liked what they see, who cares if the photographer has soccer playing children !

  • Jeffrey W. Spencer

    Dan,  shoddy photographs from someone you know and trust are better than photographs from someone you don’t know who charges you a buttload of money.

    Anybody can sell photographs.   What they can’t buy is the photographer.  Market yourself – not your photographs.

  • Christopher Kettner

    When your car breaks, do you go to the guy in your neighborhood with a couple tools and minimal knowledge of the automotive industry, or do you go to the guy who knows what he’s doing and will actually get the job done correctly? People with entry-level DSLRs, a kit lens and a shitty flash aren’t “photographers”, they’re an enthusiast. I’m an enthusiast of many things, but I don’t claim to be pro and sell my stuff. The photography medium has been so saturated with new people that crap photos are becoming the norm and more accepted. I, for one, am done with photography. I’ve taken six years worth of photo classes and I’m done handing out free advice to people who want to capitalize on people’s ignorance. Everyone and their dog is a photographer with no real training.

  • Jason Kustra

    So just because someone owns a camera and wants to take photos that means that they automatically CLAIM to be professionals? You sound like a real tool… and not the kind in your neighbor’s garage.

  • Jason Kustra

    I guess if you feel your business is threatened by someone else’s “inferior” abilities and equipment, maybe you shouldn’t be in business at all. Learn to adapt, be selective of your clients and deliver great photos and the success will happen.

  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

    Thanks Jason – but based on your replies to other people on this post…well, if the tool fits…

  • Rudy Torres

    I’d love outsource the whole album and post production to China at that price. Please forward these people’s info. hahaha