How to Turn Sunlight into Moonlight with Camera Trickery

This short video tutorial shows how you can shift the color balance of sunlight to create a blue background that looks like moonlight.

I wanted a night time look to this 20’s scene. Shooting later was not an option. This was a way to give a night time look to the sunlight streaming in the window. This technique can be applied to all types of photography. I saw a wedding photographer using this technique by putting a small amount of warm gel on his strobe which allowed him to let the background behind the bride and groom go slightly blue. This adds depth and interest. I have used it in corporate portraiture to create a cool background out of what was a boring scene. The blue becomes a unifying layer that pulls a background together into one element.

(via The Slanted Lens via NSOP)

  • Melo

    I love the completely pointless use of the Kessler slider.  As for the shot… so much elaborate whatever to achieve ‘meh’. 

  • Gunmanxxx

    Or, you can just wait for night time without buying fancy lighting ek-ek…

  • DaGuerre

     You can achieve the same effect by gelling your on-camera flash. No need for expensive strobes. And hopefully your photos will have a little more imagination than this so-called professional photographer Jay P Morgan.

  • BrianY

    Second sub-par video I’ve seen from this guy.  I agree with the above – the end result is pretty dull.  And the lighting is not flattering.  I look at the shots and all I can say is Nose Nose Nose Nose….

  • Norm Cooper

    you can achieve the same effect by… shooting on a moonlit night

    or layer in post and change the layer color temperature…  and isn’t it great that he all but eliminates the his much needed blue light in post anyway!

  • ricoscope

    Sponsored by Tamron, but i guess mounted on the camera is a canon lens…

  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

    You guys are missing the point. He’s making money. Pimp a dozen products in a four minute video, even if you have to force your sponsors’ products in sideways, and don’t forget to promote your ‘educational’ DVD while you’re at it. Do all the social media stuff and make sure your blog is constantly updated. With the hoards of new GWCs swinging DSLRs we could only dream of a decade ago, snapping photos may not be the way for a photog to be profitable. Get publicity and get your hoard of dutiful followers to buy your stuff and make your sponsors pay.

  • Melo

    Who gives a shit if he’s making money if the work is crap. I’m so tired of people doing ‘how-to’ videos when they have no idea of what makes a good image.

    You can’t buy good taste.

  • Scott Scheetz

    Whats with breaking the bottle on the Minolta at the end?

  • Flgraphics

    the model is cute. The end shot is crap