Nero Multi Trigger Trips Your DSLR Shutter Using Sight and Sound

The Nero Multi Trigger is a nifty camera triggering device that can make your DSLR and external flash unit respond automatically to sight, sound, and motion. It has built in optical, audio, and laser sensors, allowing you to shoot everything from lightning flashes to balloon pops. There’s also an intervalometer for time-lapse photography. The device mounts to your DSLR’s hotshoe and is powered by a pair of AAA batteries. They cost $200 each and are available for both Nikon and Canon DSLRs from the NERO website.

Nero Trigger (via OhGizmo!)

  • Agent Kayosweaver

    Or support independent inventors –

  • icie

    Agreed with Kayosweaver…I am a backer of the Trigger Trap: it is cheaper, open source and has an auxiliary port which allows additional sensors/functionality to be added to it.

  • Andrew Bowness

    I came to this article thinking “I wonder if someone has done this with that arduino thing I always hear about” and here you are. Just a pity my camera isn’t supported.


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  • Chris Newhall

    This unit has more built-in functionality (sure the TriggerTrap is more customizable but that takes knowledge and skills that a lot of photographers don’t have). It’s not a whole lot more than the TriggerTrap (unless you were one of the Kickstarter funders). Oh, and it’s available to ship right now.

  • Joseph Mietus

    In all fairness, the Nero is from an independent inventor as well. Onur Çelik, a photographer from Istanbul, who is making and shipping these from his own home.