Tape Transfer Portraits Show Subjects Behind Their Own Altered Photos

Photographer Rory White‘s Rorshak Tape Transfer Series might look like some kind of surreal digital art, but the images were actually created without Photoshop. White shot portraits of his subjects, printed them out, and invited the subjects to paint, tear, and alter the prints. He then covered the image with packing tape, dropped it in hot water, and peeled off the paper on the back (like a Polaroid emulsion transfer). The semi-transparent image would then be hung from a stand, and the subject rephotographed while standing behind it.

Rorshak Tape Transfer Series (via PopPhoto)

Image credits: Photographs by Rory White and used with permission

  • Sid Ceaser

    These are beautiful.  Bravo!

  • Mars Simons

    oooooooo I am gonna try this..

  • Makofoto

    What do the subject’s think of this?

  • Rad

    This is very creative and well done. The pictures are very beautiful.

  • David

    I like it. I made something similar 4 years ago:

  • Mars Simons

    how long did you drop it in the water? was it a quick dip or a soak??