Falling Water Frozen in Mid-Air with the Help of Frame Rate Trickery

When recording video, a camera’s frame rate can produce some pretty strange effects. If matched up with a helicopter’s blades, a helicopter looks like it’s hovering in midair with motionless blades. YouTube user mrbibio found that the same thing can be done with falling water. His technique is brilliant: by pressing a water tube against a speaker, mrbibio was able to control the vibration frequency of the water flowing through the tube. He then adjusted the pulses of the water to match up with the frame rate of his Canon 5D Mark II. The result is a video of the water looking as though it’s frozen in time.

(via Gizmodo via Photography Bay)

  • Vincenzo Martorana

    Chapeau! It’s really brilliant.

  • Sean Smyth

    That’s so, so cool!

  • Jeremy McMahan

    Fantastic and Awesome! Bravo mrbibio!

  • Anthony

    Well, I think its more a Shutter Trickery than a Frame Rate….

  • newamericanclassic

    ohh yeah, we discussed frame rate in a visual perception seminar I took last year.. brilliant idea.

  • Michael Earley

    would love to hear the music to see what he is using

  • mrbeard

    a Brilliant idea

  • Luke Murnau

    It’s not music, just a plain frequency.