Canon Officially Unveils the 1D C, a 4K Cinema DSLR

Canon has officially announced its new EOS-1D C 4K cinema DSLR, a camera that offers the same body and still photography features as the 1D X but is more geared towards high-end motion picture and television production. It records 4K at 24fps and 1080P at 24/25/30/50/60fps, shoots 1080p uncompressed with 8-bit 4:2:2 Clean HD via HDMI, and offers a headphone jack instead of the PC socket found on the 1D X. The 18MP full frame sensor inside has ISO 100-51,200 for still and a max of 25,600 for video. The 1D C will be shipping by the end of this year with a price tag of $15,000 — more than double the $6,800 1D X.

  • Mike

    Why the price increase over a 1DX?

  • Guest

    The price tag can suck my 1D

  • Bob Dunkin

    RTA – it has a headphone jack!  :)

    Seriously though, I don’t have an answer…

  • Mike

    It seems to be the same camera, likely with some different firmware.  I don’t get it.

    A D4 has a headphone jack and is less than half the price :P

  • Josh Legacy

    Wow the price, we’ll def have to see why so much one day.

  • Sydney K.

    Gotta love Canon’s pricing scheme. ‘Santa’ is NOT coming to my house with this baby. =(

  • Some Roman Guy

    C is more than D?

  • Kevin Wildt

    Compare this camera to the new Canon C300 or Red Scarlet and you’ll see the price is on point for the features they are including on this new 4K DSLR. 

    This is a camera for shooting video and is comparable to other video cameras.

  • will hall

    if the video resolution difference comes primarily from firmware rather than any change in hardware, i wonder if something like Magic Lantern will be able to unlock it in the 1DX

  • Andrew

    because of its cine spec

  • Zefanya Hanata

    Because it is 4K?

    Seriously though, that is more of an excuse than answer.

  • Mike

    What does that mean exactly?

  • Markus WET

    Why is everybody complaining about the price? That’s not a consumer camera! “It is more geared towards high-end motion picture and television production”

    Seriously, people! ^^

  • Mike

    Not complaining, just trying to understand the price difference between the X and the C.  Are they charging more just because they can?  Because that is what the competition charges? Because studios can afford it?  

  • Kyoshi Becker

    Obviously Canon didn’t like the D4…  1080 at 60fps uncompressed is in demand tho and nikon blew that one…  That price tag tho is the killer. I see Nikon taking advantage of this one. Sony hasn’t played a card yet but I have a feeling they have been watching and waiting to toss out the a99…

  • Kyoshi Becker

    Exactly. The value is merely profit and it is overpriced. Just like the Sigma Sd1. People mainly went to dslr’s for the price, size, and Dof. This doesn’t exactly fare well in 2 of those categories. Between $8500 and $10,000 would have been much more reasonable.  Nikon did that with the D3x on megapixels and everybody went to the 5Dmk2…   This time Nikon has the upperhand…

  • Ian Wright

    The Red One is $10K more at $25K and does roughly the same as the Canon 1DC above.

  • Andrew

    this camera is geared towards high end film makers the dx1 is aimed at photographers, not really an answer to your question,but they will perform differently for the choosen tasks.take a look at the specs of both cameras to understand the difference… or videographer depending what you want it for, if your going for the camera angle,its pointless spending thousands more on video enhancements…personally i’d go for the 5D MKIII  ;o) .

  • Mike

    To me, it just seems like they are charging more because they can.  Not that it’s bad, just something to note.  I can’t see the hardware costs on this being any different than the X.

  • Andrew

    Just forget about the stills aspect, it can take pictures but its for cinematography,not for stills…


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  • addorange

    Wait, is that an Ethernet port that I see?

  • Matt

    The price is too bad.  I think they have it backwards.  They obviously think they will not sell a lot of these, but I think the demand would be high if the price tag was a LOT less.  The shook the world with the 5D II, now they seem to keep the world from 4k video.

  • Danielgballard

    Just wait until we se footage from this beast. then the price will be far more understandable. It’s not a still camera that does movies, it’s a feature film camera that can do stills. 

  • Ben Blair

    “…is more geared towards high-end motion picture and television production.” 
    Let’s say it’s for HIGH-END productions, then we can charge more. 
    There’s your reason for the price jump. B.S. 

  • Andrew

    what a clueless comment,clearly you took up photography about 20mins before your post..

  • Andrew

    just seen some of your golden rodent work, PMSL for all the wrong reasons..

  • Markus WET

     MY GUESS: Because it’s a smaller, more targeted market. Because there is a smaller production volume and maybe some higher & more specialized construction costs. Also “It records 4K at 24fps” and from my understanding of technology – which is fairly limited in the motion capture sector – that’s a massive amount of data, requiring far more resources/power/whatever than any DSLR can provide.

    But then again, john does like you and me shouldn’t bother talking about the price. It’s not a camera for you and me. You also wouldn’t buy a RedOne camera.

    Also I think, if the price isn’t justified, production companies won’t buy it.

    In the end, I don’t care. That camera is not interesting for me because I don’t plan on going big in video production :D

  • Jeff

    I’m sorry Andrew but your statements above don’t seem to provide any more insight into the actually differences with this camera than Ben’s complaint about the cost. What is your work background? Can you provide us a link to your work? Until you do please stop trolling people.

  • TSY87

    It costs THAT much to change a PC socket over to a headphone jack!?!?!

    Okay seriously, what HARDWARE changes require that much of a price increase?  As others have pointed out, it seems like most of the “features” are software based.  I understand that 24p at 4k is impressive, however chances are that requires the use of an external storage unit (hence the clean hdmi out)… buttttttt the Nikon D4/D800 both have clean hdmi out already.  Was there a hardware spec change to allow the 24p 4k res or was it merely a few lines of code in the software.

    It sounds to me a lot like the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s deal with siri….

  • Tleeds

    Not a good rebuttal to Sony’s NEX FS-700. The nex beats it on almost every feature and can mount nearly any lens in existence as well as do full phase detect focusing during video with the la-ea2 adapter… For less money…
    Lame Canon…

  • Steven

    The RED Scarlet is cheaper and it shoots in RAW color space. Independent filmmakers bought DSLRs because they have large sensors, interchangeable lenses, and are EXTREMELY inexpensive compared to other video cameras with similar specs. If low-budget filmmakers had $15K to spend on a camera, this wouldn’t be it.

    Photographers will stick with less expensive full-frame options that deliver the same image quality. Cinematographers will opt for a dedicated video camera with less compression. I see this sitting on a lot of shelves.

  • Andrew

    Funny enough i have nothing to prove,my business is doing very well thank-you.  As for this camera,If you dont like it dont buy it,its as simple as that.
    Also, if people link their work, they have to be prepared for anything. I thought it was terrible and thats my opinion,and in my country of residence, i have the right to express my thoughts good or bad.
    Thanks for your interest in my business Jeff.


    I stopped reading this comment at “it shoots in RAW color space”

  • Venus

    Agree if you need 4:2:2 Compression then you won’t buy this! I don’t know what are they thinking!! 

  • Almond

    But that’s EXACTLY what non-photographers say about the 5Dmk3/D800 compared to the Rebel/D3100. Exactly the same thing.

    WE don’t know the difference, but I’m sure to cinematographers, it’s night and day. 

  • Anonymous

     YEah but who the hell carries around Nikon lenses? F***n stupid to make a film camera with Nikon mount… IF it had Canon mount you could have used both Nikon and Canon lenses.. stupid red!!

  • Anonymous

    4K not in 25fps??? WTF?? for USD 15000 !!???  Even the 1D X is overpriced due to lack of clean HDMI out and the small buffer! The 1D C price tag is a joke!