Crazy Footage Captured by Canon 5D Mark II Crash Cams Put in Harm’s Way

Here’s a short sizzle reel created by Vashi Nedomansky that shows various shots captured by Shane Hurlbut by using Canon 5D Mark II DSLRs as crash cams.

(via Photography Bay)

  • Anh Vu


  • Joey G.

    Thumbs up for Bjork.

  • Marc Holmes

    Should have ended with a list of destroyed gear :)

  • Agent Kayosweaver


    And expensive. Damn.

  • OSAM

    That was my thinking: Those aren’t cheap crash cams

  • Carlos

    it is much cheaper than destroying cinema cameras.

  • NLoc

    WTF is with the woman getting beats? That was retarded. Cool shots but the woman getting a beat down in the middle of that was so out of place it made the entire video suck the big one.

  • Evan Munro-Smith

    Surely that slow-mo stuff (take a look at 1:05 – 1:10) can’t have been shot on a 5DmkII, it won’t even do 60fps!

  • Joe Brandibas


  • Anthony Burokas

    It’s so nice to work n projects with budgets to blow sh** up and have multiple cameras to capture it and make it look cool. Everyone can buy a DSLR. But not everyone can fill an arena with people and crash a car through a wall and destroy it- just for the camera. Of course, I think a few of those should would have looked about 80-90% as good with a GoPro, but that’s the back-seat cinematographer in me. :)

    Also, take note of how few shallow DoF shots there were.