Portraits of Mexican Pointy Boot Wearers South of the Border

After being introduced to long, pointy Mexican boots through a Facebook video, Brookyln-based photographers Alex Troesch and Aline Paley decided to travel to the northern city of Matehuala, Mexico to see and document the shoes themselves. TIME writes,

In northern Mexico, the pointy boots trend is more about flash than fashion. “They’re worn by people who want to impress other people,” Troesch says. In fact, one boot maker they met had transformed a regular pair of shoes into pointy boots for a client who wanted to impress the jury of a dance contest. That’s how the fervor started—but not everyone is a fan. “Sometimes you’d hear people teasing others about wearing the boots,” Troesch says. “Still, it was very interesting for us to witness how such a common object—cowboy boots—worn by so many people in northern Mexico could be reinvented and reappropriated by young teenagers whose eyes and ears are so many times directed towards the other side of the border.”

You can find more of these images here and here.

(via TIME via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Alex Troesch and Aline Paley and used with permission

  • Bob

    Do they look stupid enough ?!?

  • Spider- Man

    put some bells on them and santa has some new helpers. 

  • John Milleker

    Momma said I could be anything I wanted in life, so I became a rocking chair.

  • Casey Myers

    Don’t judge them until you have walked a mile in their shoes! ;-)

  • Spider- Man

    or skied 

  • Rohit kothari

    WTF!!! are they going to dig earth with these shoes or what???

  • Mantis

    What the…

    Is this even a thing?

  • Dennis Warren

    And all the time we thought the US had the corner on fruitcakes!!!

  • Cochese

    I didn’t know this was still a thing. D:

  • rtfe

    look at them, they are so different, i shall laugh and call them silly

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  • Scott

    All the comments below only reveal ignorance. Learn to respect and not critize.

  • noichigo

    Respect is earned, not granted. These chumps fail in earning mine respect. One can merely tolerate such guys, but it doesnt mean they shoudl be respected.

  • Gwen5472

    Form follows function. Clearly, these are some kind of raptors. Using their pointy boots to impale prey.

  • Guest

    OK, I will, I promise. But only if you learn to spell criticize.
    Until then: Boy do these guys look stupid!!

  • Guest

    Yeah, that or to compensate what they lack in size elsewhere…
    Ya know, like big cars, or fat cigars.

  • Donald Howson

    If I got into a disagreement with one of these Mexicans and he threatened to kick my ass I’d be very worried.

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  • Rosieoftheinternets

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  • Greendayer

    You never know when you might be asked to audition for the role of Ali Baba. 

  • Tzctplus -

    Of something I am sure. None of the people being so quick to judge would say what they are saying to the face of any of these guys.

    And that is exactly the point of the boots.

  • Tzctplus -

    Of something I am sure. None of the people being so quick to judge would say what they are saying to the face of any of these guys.

    And that is exactly the point of the boots.

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  • Greengo Cat

    those things are so deadly that you need to license it before you can wear them!

  • chiobio

    I used to make fun of these guys as well, until I learned that it is their common attire for tribal dance competitions in their natal San Luis Potosí. Now, I respect them. They are not different from rodeo clowns, and don’t you guys love them?

  • Rickyking

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